Serve a Plum Pudding for Christmas!

The plum pudding is the quintessential Christmas dessert. It’s rich, dense, intensely fruity, yet subtle and complex. And of course, it has a kick of rum or brandy. Some people say they don’t like plum pudding; they have never had a really good one. There is nothing like it. Plum puddings aren’t simple, though. They… Read more »

Savoring Christmas Traditions

Like any family, we have a host of Christmas traditions we observe year after year, and we cherish them all. But our favorite holiday traditions, and holiday memories, seem to be about our traditional Christmas foods. When we were kids, our grandmother used to make special dinner rolls just for Christmas. They took all day… Read more »

Meaningful Holiday Gifts: Your Christmas Gift Guide

It can be tough to find something original to give for the holidays, especially for someone who “has everything.” But believe us, everyone hopes for a truly meaningful gift. If you are puzzled about what to get someone close to you, here’s a different kind of gift guide that might help.   Give the gift… Read more »