The Most Pleasant Sound in the World

Every so often, some salesman tries to convince us to install an “electronic entry alert chime” in our store. That’s one of those little plastic devices that beeps when you step through a laser beam. We say thanks, but no thanks, we don’t need one. We have a shop bell. In its day, the brass… Read more »

You Can Still Buy Plenty with a Wooden Nickel

What can you get for a wooden nickel? Not much in most places, but at The Vermont Country Store, we’ll still take them as a form of currency. Of course, not just any wooden nickel will do; just the ones we hand out from time to time that can be used in exchange for one… Read more »

The Little Town Of Weston Remembers When…

We’re celebrating our 70th anniversary at The Vermont Country Store this year. These days, it’s remarkable for any business to have stayed around so long. But when I look out from the front porch at the store in Weston, up and down Main Street and all around the green, most of the businesses and landmarks… Read more »

Are We Old-Fashioned or On-Trend?

Old-fashioned or On-Trend? How about both!?

“Can a store be both totally old-fashioned and on point for current trends at the same time?” That’s the question author Gail Ciampa asked in her recent Providence Journal article about The Vermont Country Store. It’s a question my brothers and I ask ourselves a lot. We take great joy in being able to offer… Read more »

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang’s 65th Anniversary

Happy 65th Anniversary To Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang!

Celebrate with Our Exclusive Peanuts Collection By Theresa Darling Good grief! Has it really been 65 years since this group of friends hit the scene? Yes, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang made their comic strip debut on October 2, 1950. Their creator, Charles Schultz said he based his lead character on the average person… Read more »

10 Favorite Summer Camp Memories

Remember These Summer Camp Classics? Some of our most cherished childhood memories are about summer camp, those magical weeks of sun, fun and friendship you looked forward to each summer. Put yourself in a summer camp frame of mind with these Vermont Country Store classics. 1.  Tie-Dye Remember putting rubber bands around an old t-shirt… Read more »

When You’re a Country Storekeeper…

We’re Always Looking For the Tried-and-True and New! When my brothers and I were very young, The Vermont Country Store was our playground. When we were a little older, country storekeeper was our first job too, but to us, work still felt like play. The fact that we were paid in penny candy may have something… Read more »

12 Old-Fashioned Easter Gifts

Fill Their Easter Basket with Classic Candies and Toys Remember the excitement of Easter morning? I do. My seven siblings and I would squeal with unrestrained delight at the sight of our Easter baskets stuffed with colorful faux grass and overflowing with foil-wrapped chocolate goodies, gaily decorated eggs, shiny jelly beans and sugary spice gum… Read more »

Just Say No to Retro!

Eliot Orton, Proprietor, The Vermont Country Store Our grandfather Vrest Orton was a 7th generation Vermonter.  He was hard-working, practical, frugal, and determined. Before he started The Vermont Country Store in 1946, he thought long and hard about what types of products he would stock the shelves with, and more importantly, taking customers back to… Read more »