Childhood Memories of Spring in Vermont

Spring is in the air... and in our crisp cotton percale sheets

Winters are long here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the arrival of spring can never come soon enough. We eagerly await the first sounds of the season and the bright burst of flowers that let us know warmer temperatures are on their way. When we were boys, one unmistakable sign that spring was… Read more »

Spring Cleaning, Vermont Style

Spring Cleaning in Vermont

There’s a farmhouse down the road with a handmade sign hanging up by the kitchen door. It says, “The house was clean yesterday. Sorry you missed it.” All joking aside, keeping the house clean is no easy matter in Vermont, especially during our notorious spring mud season. But instead of giving up, we just double… Read more »

Easter in Vermont

Robin on a Branch, by Donnel Barnum

In our home, Easter is a time for ham, hearty appetites, and a whole lot of “how do you do’s.” By the time Easter rolls around, if you’re like us, you’re probably weary of winter’s gray skies, icy blasts of cold, and towering snow piles. Even cross-country skiing and snowman-building have lost their allure. By… Read more »

Donnel Barnum: Our Artist Answers 5 Questions

Meet Donnel Barnum, The Vermont Country Store Illustrator At The Vermont Country Store, we’re fortunate to have talented folks on whom we rely to bring great color and creativity to our catalog, website and beyond. Donnel Barnum is one of these very special people. An employee since 1986, she’s always there with a ready smile… Read more »

The Best Soaps: 5 Key Qualities

I’ve always loved bath soaps. Some soaps bring back childhood memories. Pale-green Irish Spring always reminds me of my father, because he used it every day, and if I were to smell it, I would recognize it. When I was five years old I liked Dial soap because of its happy yellow-orange color, until my… Read more »

Springtime In Vermont: Everything’s New Again

In Vermont, when springtime finally rolls around it’s greeted with open arms, unabashed relief, and wide-eyed wonder. Grey skies turn blue, towering snow piles recede into dewy fields awash in daffodils, and the quiet hush of winter is enlivened by the sweet chirping of songbirds. All across the Vermont countryside, signs of new life are… Read more »

Top 12 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

One Mother Shares Her Wish List Every year when my children ask me what I would like for Mother’s Day, like most moms, I tell them not to spend their hard-earned money on me.  But of course, they do anyway. So after four decades of having my input ignored, I’ve finally come to the conclusion… Read more »

Bestselling Author Marie Force Answers 5 Questions

Her Green Mountain Series, The Vermont Country Store & the Orton Family Last month, The Vermont Country Store welcomed back New York Times bestselling author Marie Force for a book signing and to officially kick off her latest release, And I Love Her, before it was available to the rest of the country. This is… Read more »

Mud Season in Vermont: What’s Not to Love About It?

Our Feet Are In Winter, 
Our Heads Are In Spring By Cabot Orton, Proprietor Mud season in Vermont. Next to fiery Fall, mud season is Vermont’s most famous time of year. Famous, that is, for muddy footprints being tracked into the house, cars encrusted with salt and dirt, and sudden snow squalls. It seems like… Read more »

12 Old-Fashioned Easter Gifts

Fill Their Easter Basket with Classic Candies and Toys Remember the excitement of Easter morning? I do. My seven siblings and I would squeal with unrestrained delight at the sight of our Easter baskets stuffed with colorful faux grass and overflowing with foil-wrapped chocolate goodies, gaily decorated eggs, shiny jelly beans and sugary spice gum… Read more »