Vermonters Insist on Our Right to Dry

Vermonters Insist on Our Right to Dry

On a hot, muggy summer night, nothing helps you get to sleep like cool, crisp sheets that have been dried on the clothesline. Every time I lie down on our Clothesline Crisp sheets I am thankful that my children get to experience the same delight, and that their grandfather— my father, Lyman Orton — helped… more

Healing Sunshine:  How to Enjoy the Sun Safely

Healing Sunshine: How to Enjoy the Sun Safely

Summer is finally here, and with it comes longer days and more sunshine!  Many of us have come to love the sun and the healing benefits it has to offer.  In recent years however, the sun has been more recognized for its damaging effects than for how it can positively affect our health.  This is… more

Eliot, Cabot, Lyman, and Gardner Orton enjoying a maple creemee at Mildred's Dairy Bar in Weston, Vermont.

Vermont’s Pure Maple Creemee, It’s What Summer Tastes Like!

You may have mowed the lawn, you may have played some baseball, you may even have gone swimming. But around here, summer hasn’t started until you’ve had your first creemee. The cool treat with the odd spelling is a regional tradition, rare outside Vermont and almost unheard of outside New England. It’s similar to “soft-serve”… more

vintage Father's Day

Unique Father’s Day Gifts: The Things Dad Really Wants On His Special Day

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Don’t bother asking him what he wants. He’ll either tell you he doesn’t want anything, or he’ll suggest another power tool (and as Mom will remind you, he has never used the last expensive tool you bought him). Not to worry! We’ve made it easy to… more


Pucker Up For Seersucker! Why We Love This Classic Summertime Fabric

As a kid, I loved seersucker pajamas and wore mine all summer long. On hot, humid Vermont summer evenings we all took baths to cool off, and slipped into the crinkly coolness of our seersucker PJs before bedtime. Somehow, they magically kept the cool in and the heat out, which was quite the feat given… more

A great night's sleep starts with the right pillow for you.

Pillow Talk: How to Pick Your Perfect Pillow

Find the Best Pillow for Your Best Night’s Sleep By: Theresa Darling From early childhood through old age, people love their bed pillows. Throughout the night, a pillow is fluffed, sniffed, cuddled, and most likely drooled upon. In the morning it is again ritually fluffed (and perhaps sniffed and snuggled some more) before being tucked… more

Best in show, our customer favorites!

Five-Star Favorites

The Products Our Customers Love the Most By Cabot Orton, Proprietor We may live in rural Vermont, but when it comes to finding the best products, we look high and low all over the world. Once we have found a new product, we test it to make sure it will really work and really last.… more

Easy, Breezy Muumuus

Easy, Breezy Muumuus

One Dress, Endless Possibilities By: Theresa Darling Though at first appearance you may think it’s simply a lounge-about housedress, take another look! Sure, it pops easily over your head, flows generously over every curve, and flatters your figure like we all hope our favorite jeans do. But please, don’t underestimate the muumuu’s stylish versatility; there’s… more

M. MAC Designs for Women: Creativity, Comfort and Quality

M. MAC Designs for Women: Creativity, Comfort and Quality

An Interview with Dyanne McGrath, M. MAC Founder I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dyanne McGrath, the founder and creative fashion genius behind the M. MAC line of comfortable clothing for women. She and her husband Ed started their small, family-owned and operated business in 1991, in California, where they are still located… more

7 Facts about Deer Ticks You Need to Know Now

7 Facts about Deer Ticks You Need to Know Now

How to Defend Yourself against Lyme Disease Have you ever felt a little tickle on your arm and without looking to see what it was, instinctively reach to wipe it away? Your eyes follow your hand by a split second — and then it registers — OMG! It’s a tick! Panic ensues. Your heart races.… more