Gingerbread Spice Makes Everything Nice


When you are longing to share warmth and comfort indoors, a batch of gingerbread can do just the trick! Inspired by Mildred Orton’s original recipe, ours takes the ginger aspect up a notch with the addition of crystallized ginger, which gives the bottom of the cake a sweet, sticky layer. The batter will seem thin… Read more »

Keep Colds at Bay with Oil of Oregano

During the hectic holidays, it’s easy to get run down. When you’re focused on taking care of everything, taking care of yourself is often the last thing on your long list of things to do. It’s time to put your health ahead of other to do’s, so you can stave off the colds and illness… Read more »

Winter in Vermont, We’re Soft on this Tough Season

Vermonters Are Soft On Tough Winters

Perhaps you are one of our many customers in a corner of the country with gentle, balmy winters. Possibly, you “escaped” the Northeast years ago and never looked back! We can’t blame you. Vermont winters are long, cold, and heavy on the snow—they aren’t for everyone. If you tried to place an order with us… Read more »

How Our Facebook Friends Stay Warm In Winter

Winter 2016 is proving to be a wild ride for millions of folks all across the USA. Last week, when winter storm “Ilias” was surging through much of the Midwest and South, we asked our Facebook friends how the weather was in their neck of the woods, and what they were doing to stay warm… Read more »

6 Things to Do in Southern Vermont in January

Vermont snowman

Six months out of every year, our abundance of snow, ski slopes, and lodges makes Vermont a premier destination for hundreds of thousands of skiers. But you don’t have to be a skier to enjoy Vermont in winter; there are plenty of exciting, fun, entertaining, and relaxing things to do in our Green Mountain State.… Read more »

Make the Most of Winter

In Vermont, winter often arrives early and lingers long after the calendar announces spring. Instead of resisting winter’s blustery ways, we embrace the brisk weather by snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and walking in our winter wonderland. We also know how to enjoy time indoors when the weather turns us into homebodies. Those stacks of books accumulated… Read more »