Vermont Country Store Christmas Catalog CoverLike many of you, we can’t help but return to our childhood memories during the holidays. There are probably no memories as special as these when life seemed so innocent and simple. Our responsibilities were few and far between and the magic of the holidays was probably the greatest in our lives. So, let us relish the moment and share with you one of our fondest Christmas memory that still inspires us today.

In the time before Internet shopping and 24-hour shopping channels, my brothers and I would anxiously wait during the early fall months for the Sears Christmas Wish Book to arrive. Each day when our mother would come home we would ask her if it had arrived yet.

boys playing board gamesToday, we wonder if perhaps she tucked it aside to make us wait a little longer. Eventually, it would appear on the kitchen table and whoever was the quickest would get the first crack at it. We would meticulously scan every page—especially the toy pages, which seemed to go on forever. There were things that we had never seen before that we could only dream of…like Star Wars figurines, walkie-talkies, radio-controlled robots, and early generation video games. The images alone were enough to keep us up for weeks trying to decide which items we would put on our final Christmas lists to send to Santa. And then it was always amazing that Santa received our letters and delivered the exact items. This was true magic!

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