8 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep, and Easy, Affordable Solutions

sleepy timeYou don’t have to be a sleep expert to know that good health begins with a sound night’s sleep. We’ve all felt the unpleasant after effects of a night of tossing and turning. If sleep eludes you even though you are getting enough exercise and you avoid caffeine in the afternoon, try these simple remedies for common problems:

Problem #1. Cold feet. As we age, our circulation decreases and feeling cold can keep us awake. But too many blankets will overheat, which is even worse. The yoyo-ing begins – feet under the blankets, feet out, feet under the blankets, feet out… Solution: Studies show that wearing socks to bed helps to induce sleep quickly by dilating the blood vessels in the feet, which aids in lowering overall body temperature, lulling you to sleep naturally. Try our ultra-cozy microfiber Fuzzy Sleep Socks. They keep your feet warm, slip on easily, and offer non-binding comfort, so you won’t lose and snooze time.

Problem #2. Your pillow is too thick. The current fad for bulging, hotel-style pillows can literally be a pain in the neck. They’re fine for reading in bed, but not sleeping because they leave your neck bent too much; you sleep poorly and wake up with a crick in your neck. Solution: Try our Slender Bed Pillow. Made especially for The Vermont Country Store, it’s about half the thickness of most bed pillows and is gusseted on all four sides so that the polyester filling won’t lose its loft—plus, you won’t wake up with a stiff neck.

Problem #3. Distracting sounds from the AC, refrigerator, old plumbing or sounds from the neighbor down the hall. Solution: White noise works well, but I prefer the friendly, steady tick-tick-tick of this old-fashioned Bulova Alarm Clock to soothe my busy brain. Bonus: Its hearty alarm is unmistakable, so I never wake up in a panic wondering if I’ve missed it.

affordable sleep solutions tired old ass bath salts

Tired Old Ass Soak Bath Salts

Problem #4. Your day was stressful. Falling asleep is not like turning off a light switch; you need to ease into it. Solution: I turn off the television. I put away my laptop and tablet. I relax in a warm bath and soak in Tired Old Ass Soak Bath Salts, a blend of 100% pure essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, and vetiver, among other natural calming and soothing ingredients. The name may be humorous, but once you feel how effective these salts are, you’ll agree that it’s no joke.

Problem #5. Dry nasal passages. An itchy nose, feeling stuffed up, or dryness in the mouth and throat make it harder to breathe, so your body is half-waking up over and over again during the night. The result? You don’t feel refreshed in the morning. Solution: Nose Better® Nasal Spray to the rescue! One squirt instantly moisturizes and soothes dry nasal passages, so breathing is easier and more comfortable. And unlike most other nasal sprays, it’s safe to use as often as you like, without fear of overmedicating. I especially appreciate this spray during the winter months, when the air in my bedroom is dryer than usual.

Problem #6. For many, the urge to move and constant uncomfortable sensations of Restless Leg Syndrome mean another sleepless night. Solution: Get the rest you need by applying our soothing, non-greasy Restless Leg Cream before turning in. Clinically tested, it’s infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, lavender oil, minerals, and essential oils to calm and relax your legs. I’m grateful I don’t suffer from RLS, but my brother who is a military veteran does, and he thanked me profusely when I sent him a jar.

Problem #7. Sore, over-worked muscles. Solution: Tight, sore muscles and sleep do not a good couple make. The next time you over-do it in the garden or workout a bit too enthusiastically, massage your muscles with Arnica Warming Relief Oil. Blended with essential oils and natural extracts in an antioxidant-rich base of olive oil, it warms on contact, providing immediate relief as it penetrates deeply to ease muscle tension. I’ve learned never to climb into bed with tired muscles, unless I’m planning on having my husband massage them with Arnica Rub!

Problem #8. You just can’t get comfortable. Solution: Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new mattress? Toss on our plump Heavenly Loft Mattress Pad and enjoy a sound, restful sleep atop 4″ of luxurious softness and comfort. This mattress pad, with a 100% cotton top, instantly puts the loft back in your mattress so when you turn in at night, sleep is only two heavy eyelids away. Be advised: Cats and dogs also can’t resist heavenly comfort. So be prepared to lock them out of your bedroom — or make room for all of your furry friends.

We carry an extensive line of time-tested, all-natural, hard-to-find, and affordable sleep solutions to help you get the rest you need. Visit us soon and let your sweet dreams begin!