The Best Place in Vermont is Outside!

Vermont is a fantastic place to be active, no matter your age, and no matter the season. Fall especially is one of my favorite times to get outside with my family, and hiking is a great way to do that. Even small kids can do easier hikes. When I’m out with my kids, they like to collect rocks and leaves and look at wildlife. The wonder of discovering their natural surroundings compels me to stop, look and remember how awe-inspiring Vermont truly is.

When you visit next, I hope you’ll set aside time to enjoy Vermont as it is — natural, wild and wonderful. Here are a few places to hike around The Vermont Country Store that are worth checking out for yourself!


Haystack is a local treasure located in the rustic, small town of Pawlet. Although it may be a bit short for determined hikers, the view at the summit is arguably one of the best in southern Vermont. The path leads to the direct top of the mountain, revealing miles and miles of landscape in every direction. It is the perfect fit for people looking for a short, challenging and rewarding hike.

Lye Brook Falls

Located in Manchester, Vermont, Lye Brook Falls is part of the Green Mountain National Forest. Hikers of the 2+ mile trail will discover the magnificent the 125-foot falls at the end. It’s a local favorite, and moderately challenging.

Burr and Burton Trails

The Burr and Burton Trails are located above the local high school, Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester. A number of trails surround a pond, which is nestled at the foot of Mount Equinox. Locals love to sunbathe by the pond after a nice run or walk on the foot trails. For the more adventurous, there is a two-hour hike to the summit of the mountain, which is not for the faint of heart. Trails range from easy to difficult.

Little Rock Pond

Little Rock Pond is a family-friendly hike located in the town of Danby. A local hotspot for camping and fishing, this hike features many streams, a beautiful pond and (you guessed it) lots of rocks. So, please wear boots! An easy hike for people of all ages.

West River Trail

This 16-mile trail runs along the river valley between the towns of Londonderry and Brattleboro. Separate stretches of this lengthy trail are perfect for biking, walking and horseback riding. Along with the gently flowing river that lays beside the trail for most of its length, there are spectacular views of the valley, including quiet meadows, the Ball Mountain Dam, and stretches of dense forest. There are several three-mile sections for casual activities and a marked full length trail for the adventurous types. Trails range from easy to challenging.


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3 Responses to “The Best Place in Vermont is Outside!”

  1. Louise Andrews

    Hi to the Orton family! I just visited your website for the first time! At 93 years old I can remember a lot of your products that you have in your store! It’s like taking a trip back in time! I have never been in Vermont, but grew up in New York………(Brewster) .. So I can relate to the wonderful scenery back there! Much different than California where I live now! But the East is where my heart is!
    I am so lucky to have found two brush curling irons from your store a few years ago! ……. which I have used for years! I have two sizes which I could not find anywhere else.! ……1/4 inch and 3/4 inch I believe they are. I just keep ordering them after the old ones wear out !
    A VERY satisfied customer!

  2. Debbie

    I visited there one time didn’t get to hike it is so beautiful it was Oct and the colors were at their very best I would love to see it when it snows we live on Tn/Ga line we live in Chickamauga Ga right behind the Chickamauga Battlefield our part of the country is beautiful also hope you can visit someday we have it all for outdoors

  3. Linda

    Wonderful post, and I totally agree with you! I will be 60 this month (October 27th), and I have been to Vermont many times. It is gorgeous there. Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. 🙂


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