Cabot Orton

The Story of the Strength of the Hills

Well, it’s apple season, and as usual Vermonters are taking up one of their favorite subjects of debate: which apples are best for eating, for pies, for pressing into cider, and so on. (For pies, I like MacIntosh or Honeycrisp but that’s another story.) And more and more, you hear people talking about apple cider… more

Award-winning Gardening Hat offers 50+ UPF sun protection.

Healing Sunshine: How to Enjoy the Sun Safely

Summer is finally here, and with it comes longer days and more sunshine!  Many of us have come to love the sun and the healing benefits it has to offer.  In recent years however, the sun has been more recognized for its damaging effects than for how it can positively affect our health.  This is… more


How To Get a Great Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing like a great night of sleep. To fall asleep quickly — and stay asleep all night — waking refreshed and ready for the day, is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately for many of us, getting a full night’s sleep is something we mostly daydream about. According to Sleep in America polls, only… more

Natural Health and Wellness News

Herbal Extracts and Natural Remedies: How Not to be Fooled by Snake Oil

I’ve been a proponent of natural and herbal remedies for as long as I can remember. You could say that it’s my main passion in life. I’ve used countless herbs, natural remedies, tinctures, and supplements with great success. Not everyone in my family however, has always agreed with my thinking. Take my dad, for instance.… more

Vermont maple syrup is the best in the world

No Fooling: Maple Syrup May Be the New Brain Food!

Here’s a bit of health news that’s almost too good to be true: At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society, international scientists shared studies indicating that maple syrup can protect the brain against the kind of cell damage that causes Alzheimer’s Disease. According to an article in Medical News, extracts of pure maple… more

Over 1,000 ticks can live on an acre of land.

7 Facts about Deer Ticks You Need to Know Now

How to Defend Yourself against Lyme Disease Have you ever felt a little tickle on your arm and without looking to see what it was, instinctively reach to wipe it away? Your eyes follow your hand by a split second — and then it registers — OMG! It’s a tick! A deer tick! Panic ensues.… more

female incontinence

Incontinence Solutions: A Candid Conversation

Do you find yourself turning down social gatherings, walks, workouts, or travel plans because you need to stay close to the bathroom? Don’t blush! Urinary incontinence (UI), loss of bladder control, is much more common than you may have thought. As a post-menopausal woman, my bladder control just isn’t what it used to be. I… more

bone broth

A Bone Broth Recipe for Wellness

By Gardner Orton, Proprietor A while back, I was having some digestive issues and increased allergies, which can oftentimes be related to digestion. In my quest to heal my body, I did some research and learned that bone broth is one of the most healing foods available. In addition to improving digestion, bone broth can help… more

sleepy time

Affordable Sleep Solutions

8 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep and Easy, Affordable Solutions You don’t have to be a sleep expert to know that good health begins with a sound night’s sleep. We’ve all felt the unpleasant after effects of a night of tossing and turning. If sleep eludes you even though you are getting… more

Natural Health and Wellness News

The Wisdom of Vermont Folk Medicine Remedies

We Vermonters are a hearty bunch and we value our good health. But we are also notoriously frugal. So when it comes to health, it’s no surprise we turn to simple, tried-and-true remedies. And we believe it’s easier to maintain your health than to recover it once it fails. As fellow New Englander Ben Franklin… more