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Change Can be a Good Thing

Keeping the Best, Changing the Rest “Oh, my goodness, it’s like going back in time!” That’s a sentiment we hear a lot, especially from customers visiting us for the first time. We also hear them say how real everything is. The kerosene lanterns hanging from the rafters are real. The potbelly stove is real (they… more

Vermont Country Store Christmas Catalog Cover

A Christmas Memory That Takes Us Back

Like many of you, we can’t help but return to our childhood memories during the holidays. There are probably no memories as special as these when life seemed so innocent and simple. Our responsibilities were few and far between and the magic of the holidays was probably the greatest in our lives. So, let us… more

Vermont Common Crackers with an Uncommon History

Vermont Common Crackers with an Uncommon History

Fans of The Vermont Country Store have enjoyed our Vermont Common Crackers for many years, but few know they have quite an uncommon history. When Common Crackers debuted in Vermont in 1828, they were the first commercially made crackers in America. They are a plain, dry, round biscuit that you split in half before topping… more

The Orton Family at The Vermont Country Store

Growing Into the Job of Storekeeper

In a family business, everyone in the family has a job. As a junior storekeeper, my first job every morning was to sweep the front porch of the store. Sweeping is a great teacher, requiring focus, patience, and attention to detail. I also labeled goods with price tags and stocked shelves. Handling the merchandise was… more

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Celebrating the Best of the Past…

…All While Building for the Future When you visit our store, you’ll see that we sell a lot of natural, time-tested remedies in our old-time Apothecary Department. The centerpiece of the department is pretty time-tested itself: an original, typically ornate apothecary display case from the mid-19th century. And what a magnificent thing it is! It… more

Winter Catalog from The Vermont Country Store

Come Winter… Vermonters Know How to Have Fun!

For many, winter is long and dreary. In fact, every year people pray the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow just so the season will be six weeks shorter. However, despite the groundhog, winters here in Vermont last no less than 6 months. Therefore, instead of counting down the days until spring, we embrace winter and… more

Maple Ham

Mildred’s Maple-Glazed Ham with Maple Mustard

Mildred’s Maple-Glazed Ham with Maple Mustard The Orton family would often serve ham for holiday dinners when everyone gathered, because no one cooked a ham like Mildred. She would start with a fresh ham, straight from a local farm, but we suggest you start with a gone-in smoked ham, more easily found in the supermarket.… more

Maple bonbons

Mildred’s Maple Bonbons

Made with the signature flavor of Vermont, these easy maple cream bonbons feature just a few simple ingredients – maple, cream, sugar, vanilla, and pecans. As candy making goes, this is a surprisingly easy recipe to follow. Once the mixture has been heated to temperature, and then cooled slightly, the whole family can join in… more