We’re Always Looking For the Tried-and-True and New!

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When my brothers and I were very young, The Vermont Country Store was our playground. When we were a little older, country storekeeper was our first job too, but to us, work still felt like play. The fact that we were paid in penny candy may have something to do with it; anyway, we’ve never lost the idea that work should be fun.

One of my favorite memories is opening boxes of new products to tag and put on the shelves. We never knew what we would find next—some strange-looking metal gadget, a clever new toy, maybe an Old World treat we had never tasted before. Come to think of it, we were probably the least efficient shelf-stockers you could find.

Of course, we spent plenty of time stocking our tried-and-true products as well. Our father was uncompromising about that: if a product still worked well and our customers still needed it, we would carry it even if the rest of the world had gone on to something flashier.

And we’re still at it today. In our stores, in the catalog, and online, you will find a mixture of traditional tried-and-true products, plus the newest hard-to-find ones. All are designed to make your days easier and more enjoyable, and maybe bring back a few happy memories.

When I walk through the store today, there’s no greater reward than hearing customers exclaim, “I’ve been looking for something like this forever!” or “I remember this from my childhood.” I hope you have the same happy experience when you visit The Vermont Country Store in Weston or Rockingham. Stop on by; we’d love to meet you!

Not sure you can make it to Vermont this year? You can find all your long-lost favorite candies, health and beauty essentials, tried-and-true cleaning products, heirloom-quality bedding, practical kitchen gadgets, and much more, plus shop all that’s new at The Vermont Country Store from your home, and we’ll ship it right to your door.


Gardner Orton

For the Orton family