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How long have you been on the eternal quest to find comfortable clothing that’s stylish too? Usually, you have to sacrifice one for the other. But you keep trying, hoping, believing that someday, you’ll find that dress, that top, or that jacket that looks great, and makes you feel great wearing it. Well, the wait is over! M.MAC is just what you’ve been searching for!

You’ve probably seen M.MAC, and its signature Rock Fish design, though you may not have realized it at the time. M.MAC is recognized for combining comfortable, cotton, jersey fabric with bold, yet feminine silk-screened designs. Together, they make for a stylish look in dresses, tops and other pieces that you’ll feel great wearing.


Great Clothes That You Feel Great Wearing!

Black Short Sleeve M.MAC Maxi DressYour first time wearing M.MAC will be the start of something wonderful, but don’t take our word for it. Trust the women who tell us they absolutely love M.MAC.

“I always loved the Rock Fish designed dress I would see in boutiques and could never find it in my size at a realistic price point…then I saw it in the Vermont Country Store catalogue in my size and price and went for it,” said JHA. “I ordered in it black and it is very versatile. [It] can be dressed up or down with jewelry and accessories.”

You can expect a great look from your M.MAC — and great wear. The comfort is unparalleled, getting better with each wash and wear. It will hold up from season to season and from year to year. Who would think something so easy, could look this great?  But it’s the compliments that will really get you hooked. Don’t be surprised for complete strangers to tell you how great you look – seriously! We hear it from women all the time.

“I bought this dress to take on vacation to Maine. Here we are and EVERYONE has complimented me on this dress. I have worn it for drinks on the deck, lounging in the TV room. It is perfect for relaxing,” said Nana of 19.

The way M.MAC makes women feel is what has them coming back time and time again – for new colors, and new designs to round out their wardrobe. When you feel great wearing something, you want to wear it all the time!

And from Rist, “This is quickly becoming my favorite dress of the summer. I have worn it while running errands and have found that this dress always gets compliments. Very comfortable too.”

Dyanne McGrath – Artist & Designer

Dyanne created her line 25 years ago as a way to share her art with women across the country. She started with the same easy-wearing shapes that are still popular today. “My philosophy is that if you have a style and shape that women love, you don’t need to change it,” said Dyanne.  “The print is what catches their eye, but the cut and the fabric are why women come back. They can count on new colors and designs fitting them without even having to try the piece on.”

Today, M.MAC’s simple silhouettes are the canvas for Dyanne’s nature-inspired motif that is now exclusively available at The Vermont Country Store.

M.MAC Sleeveless Tank Top

For over 30 years, women across the country having been loving M.MAC thanks to one woman (of course!). The genius behind M.MAC is Dyanne McGrath, an artist by trade who creates the beautiful, nature-inspired artwork that adorns each M.MAC piece.

The M.MAC Journey Starts with Rock Fish

M.MAC’s designs are striking, often becoming the signature style of the women who wear it. Ladies who swear by M.MAC frequently begin their collection with the classic Rock Fish dress in black and white, which remains its most popular style.

“We are very proud of Rock Fish,” said Dyanne. “That one design led to a multitude of others over the years that have been enjoyed by so many women.

“I’m sometimes surprised where I find inspiration. I will look at something that doesn’t resemble an animal, and the I see it in a different light, so its shape could be a bird or a shell. Then I put things together and see where they take me.”

Dyanne uses paint brushes, sponges and sometimes hand-cut stencils to create her finished designs, which appeal to multiple generations. It’s common for mothers and grandmothers to wear M.MAC and then bring their daughters into the fold as well!

Your first time in M.MAC could be the start of something wonderful. The way M.MAC makes women feel is what has them coming back time and time again – for new colors, and new designs to round out their wardrobe. When you feel great wearing something, you want to wear it all the time!

M.MAC Tote Bag

More M.MAC – At the Beach and at Home

M.MAC’s Rock Fish recently took the leap from clothing to home and accessories as well. You can now show your love for Rock Fish at home and in the bath!  You’ll find the perfect beach tote and towel to compliment your shore look, and bring a little seaside style into your home with bedding and bath accessories, all with the same style and quality that M.MAC is known for!

M.MAC Rock Fish Ankle-Length Dress

M.MAC Rock Fish Ankle-Length Dress

A World-Famous Print on a Flattering Column-Style Maxi Dress

$74.95 - $79.95

View Product
M.MAC Rock Fish Mid-Length Dress

M.MAC Rock Fish Mid-Length Dress

M. MAC's Signature Dress in a Cool and Comfy Shorter Style

$64.95 - $69.95

View Product
M.MAC Dragonfly Jacket

M.MAC Dragonfly Jacket

All-Cotton Hoodie with a Lucky Dragonfly Print From M.MAC

$54.95 - $59.95

View Product

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