This time of year, we celebrate the renewal of life and the welcome change of seasons after a long winter. The birds are singing in the trees again and beautiful perennials are poking their heads up above the soil. There’s nothing quite like the sight of tiny chicks popping their heads out of their eggs, newborn lambs taking their first steps, and baby bunnies hopping across newly green meadows. All these signs of spring’s awakening signify that Easter is fast approaching, and with it, the traditions we cherish.

Of all the joys this holiday brings, it’s gathering with friends and family for a home-cooked Easter supper that really makes this celebration special. For our family’s festivities, we like to find fun and unique ways to incorporate the symbols of the season into our décor.  Here’s a decorative finishing touch using our classic Mountain Weave napkins you can add to your Easter table that’s sure to delight your guests. These Easter Bunny Napkins make a lasting impression and they’re easy to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:  

  • Mountain Weave Napkins , or cloth napkins
  • Ribbon or twine, cut into 12” lengths
  • Hardboiled Eggs – ( use dyed or painted eggs for an extra pop of color)

Here’s how to make them:

1. Fold your napkin diagonally.

2.  Roll your napkin up starting at the pointed side.

3.  Fold your rolled up napkin in half.

4. Tie the two halves together with a bow using a piece of ribbon or twine, creating a loop in the napkin approximately four inches below the bow.

5. Widen the loop.

6. Gently place your egg in the center of the loop, to make your bunny’s “head.”

7. Fluff the “ears” of the bunny to define their shape as needed or fold one or both ears down to give your bunny a floppy-eared look.

Place an Easter Bunny napkin at each place setting and you’ll have your guests hopping with delight as they take their seats.

Storekeeper Suggestion: Hand decorate each egg and write your guests’ names on them to use them as place cards.

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