Robin on a Branch, by Donnel Barnum

Robin on a Branch, by Donnel Barnum

In our home, Easter is a time for ham, hearty appetites, and a whole lot of “how do you do’s.”

By the time Easter rolls around, if you’re like us, you’re probably weary of winter’s gray skies, icy blasts of cold, and towering snow piles. Even cross-country skiing and snowman-building have lost their allure. By now, you’ve probably organized your spice cabinet and sock drawers – at least twice. And when mealtime rolls around, instead of hearty stews and soups, it’s the bright flavors of asparagus, mint, and lemon you crave.

It’s a good thing Easter lands on the calendar when it does, for spring is a universal time of rebirth and renewed faith, no matter where you rest your hat on Sunday mornings. It’s also no coincidence that Easter traditions include a celebratory holiday meal. Some go for lamb and mint jelly, but for us, the centerpiece of our feast is a smoked country ham.

Our grandmother, Mildred, had a special touch when it came to preparing the most succulent and tender hams. Her renowned cheddar and ham sandwiches were a welcome sight for many of our customers who needed something to nosh on after making the trek to our Weston store. Like those first sandwiches, our Easter ham – along with the cloverleaf rolls, buttered asparagus, and sweet strawberry salad – draws people together.

Before you know it, family and friends arrive dressed in optimistic pastels, ready to break bread and to break away from the last vestiges of winter.

Happy Spring!

Cabot Orton

For the Orton Family

Eliot, Gardner, Lyman, and Cabot Orton

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