One Dress, Endless Possibilities

By: Theresa Darling

Ladies in Muumuus

Vermont Country Store Gals in their Muumuus

Though at first appearance you may think it’s simply a lounge-about housedress, take another look! Sure, it pops easily over your head, flows generously over every curve, and flatters your figure like we all hope our favorite jeans do. But please, don’t underestimate the muumuu’s stylish versatility; there’s no end to the ways it can be dressed up and take you from a day at the office, an afternoon by the pool, and then to a special night on the town!

Take a look at some of the ways we wear our muumuus at The Vermont Country Store—and be inspired! Keep in mind, these photos are not of fashion models boasting perfect figures and wearing professionally-applied makeup. No, no, no! We are real-life gals, like you, who want to look great and feel comfortable everywhere we go, without having to fuss.

Meet Kristi

Kristi in her Vermont Country Store Muumuus

Kristi in her Vermont Country Store Muumuu

“What do I love most about my muumuu? It’s hard to decide on one thing! I guess the color and the pattern. I have lots of blue accessories I knew I could use to jazz it up and make it fun. I think that with the right accessories, muumuus are very cool dresses that look good on anybody at any age.”

Meet Deb

Deb in her red Sleeveless Muumuu

Deb in her red Sleeveless Muumuu

“My muumuu said FUN to me as soon as I put it on, first because of the print and color palette, and then because of the comfort and ease of movement. I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world! No worry about bulges, bumps, slips or straps. I love my bohemian/western look in it.”

Meet Jane

Jane in her Mint Flutter Sleeve Muumuu

Jane in her Mint Flutter Sleeve Muumuu

“I can’t go to work in my PJs, but a muumuu is the next best thing. It’s cool and comfy for hot summer days. This lovely shade of green is one of my favorite colors. My denim jacket pairs so well with it and makes the muumuu a bit more contemporary (and keeps me warm when the AC kicks on).”

 Meet Lisa

Lisa in her Coral Sleeveless Muumuu

Lisa in her Coral Sleeveless Muumuu

“I fell in love with the pattern and the color of my muumuu and thought it would pair well with my denim jacket.  I cinched it at the waist with a beaded belt from our Weston store and chose easy mule slides for shoes. I felt very feminine and pretty wearing it! My outfit was so comfy that even though I was dressed up, I felt very relaxed.”

Meet Jill

Jill in her Black & White Sleeveless Tiered Muumuu

Jill in her Black & White Sleeveless Tiered Muumuu

“I’m a black and white kinda gal; I don’t usually wear much color, so I really like my muumuu’s black and white print. The easy, relaxed cut, sleeveless style and mid-calf length make for a very comfortable fit all day long. Normally I am always cold, so I accessorized with my black knit sweater, which kept me warm but also gave visibility to the dress. Another plus: I love that I can wear it with sandals.”

Meet Michelle

Michelle in her Flutter Sleeve Muumuu

Michelle in her Flutter Sleeve Muumuu

“Muumuus are so comfortable – and fun! They’re so easy to dress up, if you want to. If I’m hanging around the house, I wear mine just as it is. When I go out, I like adding accessories such as a belt, necklace or scarf to get a different look. Sometimes I’ll wear a sweater or jacket and my muumuu looks like an entirely different dress. With this one muumuu, I get dozens of looks!”

Meet Emily

Emily in her "custom" Sleeveless versatile

Emily in her “custom” Sleeveless Muumuu…so versatile

“I love the colors and pattern of my muumuu – not too busy or loud. I shortened mine to be in line with my personal style and frankly, I’m short and t-length is not a good look for me. Then, I cinched the waist to create a waistline and added some jewels to accent its great colors. I’ve also un-cinched the waist and worn it like a tunic over skinny jeans – wow, so comfortable! My initial thought when I cut it was to wear it like a beach cover-up.  I’ve done that a couple of times. I love the versatility – out and about around town, at home or at the beach – I wear it everywhere. I’m tickled pink that our product developers used my idea to create our Everbloom Muumuu Top!”

 Meet Candy

Candy in her Blue Sleeveless Muumuu

Candy in her Blue Sleeveless Muumuu

“I love the colors of my muumuu; they make me feel happy! A big part of my life is based on flowers — I own two greenhouses and have a roadside garden stand. If I could live my dream life, I would be a lady of leisure in my flower gardens and tending my garden stand, wearing my muumuu, sun bonnet and glasses!”

 Meet Annette

Annette looking 'tres chic' in her Sleeveless Muumuu

Annette looking ‘tres chic’ in her Sleeveless Muumuu

“It’s my ultimate garden wear — airy, breezy and feather-light. My muumuu protects my shoulders from sunburn and has lots of room to move, like when I kneel down on the ground and weed my flower beds. The best thing…? It has pockets! And what’s not to like about denim blue? But for me, the most important thing is that I look good when riding my tractor.”

I hope you’ve been inspired to expand your wardrobe with our fun, colorful, comfy muumuus, and then venture beyond your backyard patio! Take a peek at our muumuu collection; you’re sure to find several that will lend themselves to your personal style — and the accessories you already own.