Every Transaction is Chance to Make a Friend

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to show and describe a product accurately, it just isn’t what you were looking for. But that’s not a loss, it’s an opportunity to do business the friendly way we want. Here’s a letter we received a while back.ring-letter


We may not “get it right” every time, but we’ll do right by you, every time.

 Eliot Orton
For the Orton family
Proprietors of The Vermont Country Store


One Response to “Every Transaction is Chance to Make a Friend”

  1. Tess

    I so love your items. Yet they are a bit on the pricey side. Its hard to find a way to explain paying more for something when you can get it elsewhere at a lower cost.. I do love the look of nostalgia and takes me back to grandmas house so thank you for trips down memory lane. If your prices were lower my house would only have your items in it and me sleeping in your pajamas…..


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