Leaves are falling and so are we…for these delicious fall inspired treats!

3 chocolate acorns cookies

When fall settles in, the air in Vermont takes on a crispness that’s felt even on the warmest days. When the sun is shining in brilliant blue skies, and the trees are heavy with apples and fire bright leaves, that crispness feels just right. It’s that crispness we try to capture on days spent filling buckets at the apple orchard or picking the perfect pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

Not every day is filled with sunshine…

On days when the sun is muted by soft, gray clouds, that crispness can feel so much cooler, and often keeps us inside. Despite retreating to the warmer comfort of the indoors, there is still plenty of fall inspiration to be found. The days spent filling buckets at the apple orchard mean we have plenty of apples to make our favorite Spicy Applesauce and fall harvest means we’re stocked up on root vegetables perfect for making our Roasted Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup.

Another of our favorite fall inspired treats are these easy acorn cookies, made with just three ingredients.

These adorable little acorns are the perfect fall inspired treats to share at your next get together, or send to school with your favorite little ones. If you’re putting together a fall dessert or snack table, mixing these homemade treats with some store bought goodies like our Maple Cream Cookies shaped like maple leaves, our perfectly spiced Pumpkin Fudge, and our Apple Harvest Cake will surely make your guests smile.

These little acorn cookies are a easy fall inspired treats. Using chocolate candy kisses, mini chocolate chips, and your favorite flavor of cookie buttons (we like cinnamon and vanilla), you can make a whole batch of these in 30 minutes or less! Here’s how:


fall inspired cookie button acorn ingredients

  • 1 box Vermont Country Store Cookie Buttons in Cinnamon or Vanilla (or both!)
  • 15-20 oz. bag of your favorite chocolate candy kisses
  • 16 oz bag mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

(It’s hard to beat a recipe with only three ingredients. How easy is that?)


  1. Unwrap your chocolate candy kisses, and place in a medium bowl. (Doing this at the beginning makes assembly so much easier. Trust us.)
  2. Pour about half your mini chocolate chips into a small bowl
  3. Open your box of cookie buttons and pour into another medium bowl
  4. Pour about a quarter of your remaining mini chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl, and microwave to melt. (Do this is short bursts, about 10-15 seconds at a time. The mini chips will melt quickly, and you don’t want your chocolate to burn.)
  5. Carefully spoon or pour the melted chocolate into a pastry or zip top bag. Using scissors, cut a small corner off the bag. You don’t want the opening to be very big–no bigger than the end of a felt tipped marker
  6. Working quickly, begin to assemble your acorns. Take one of the Cookie Buttons, and lay it face down on your work surface. Squeeze a small amount of melted chocolate onto the flat side of one of the candy kisses. Using the melted chocolate like glue, gently press the chocolate kiss onto the center of the upside-down cookie.
  7. Repeat until you run out of cookies or chocolates. If your melted chocolate begins to firm up before you’re done, pop it back in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time to remeltcookie buttons with chocolate candy kisses

Let the chocolate set…

  • Let the melted chocolate/cookie combo set for several minutes to ensure they stick together. (If they’re taking too long to set, pop them in the fridge for a few minutes.)
  • Once your Cookie Buttons are stuck to your candy kisses, it’s time to add the “stem” to complete the acorn look
  • Melt another handful of mini chocolate chips. (You won’t need as many this time as you did for step 6)
  • Again, working quickly, place a tiny drop of melted chocolate on the flat side of a mini chip. Before the chocolate begins to firm up, place the mini chip in the middle of the TOP side of your acorns to create a tiny little stem
  • Repeat until all of your acorns have stems. Pop the finished acorns in the fridge for 5 minutes if you need the melted chocolate to set quickly

And that’s all there is to it! When you’re finished, you’ll have a pile of delicious acorns that Disney’s Chip n’ Dale would be proud of!

Show us your acorns! Did you try this recipe? We’d love to see! Take a photo of your acorns and share them on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #VermontCountryStore