The Products Our Customers Love the Most

By Cabot Orton, Proprietor

We may live in rural Vermont, but when it comes to finding the best products, we look high and low all over the world. Once we have found a new product, we test it to make sure it will really work and really last. We don’t sell products we wouldn’t use ourselves; that’s why everything we sell is Guaranteed Forever.

Best in show, our customer favorites!But sometimes it’s great to get a second opinion – yours. That’s why we have a team that reads each and every one of your letters, and every product review that is posted online – hundreds of reviews and comments every week!

There are top-rated products that consistently get the most favorable reviews – and plenty of them – from customers just like you. We also want to hear if a product doesn’t meet up to your expectations, so we can make any necessary improvements.

You can read the full reviews of each product by visiting our online store. They are a treasure trove of good advice. Want to know if our maple candy is as good as we say? You’ll find 98 comments for this five-star product, including this 5-star review from a customer in California:

“Perfect candy! Your maple creams are a perfect combination of crispy and creamy, and the flavor is wonderful. I would recommend them to everybody, although if everyone bought them, would there be any left for me?”

michelle reads reviews

Michelle, one of our employees, enjoys reading online customer reviews every day

Wondering which household products you can clean with Jubilee? A dozen customers have advice for you. Here’s what T. H. in Connecticut offers:

“Better Than Elbow Grease! The Jubilee Kitchen Wax is a story from the past. It was used to keep everything clean and polished. When mine arrived, I polished everything in sight! Not quite, but it did a beautiful job on my kitchen counters and cabinets.”

Our vinegar tonics… are they really that good for you? 57 customers say YES to our exclusive tonics Strength of the Hills and Vim & Vigor! Our happy customer S. M. gave Strength of the Hills 5 stars:

“Perfect Product for Me. I have fibromyalgia, which means I experience pain in my muscles and joints. Based on the catalog description, I decided to try Strength of the Hills. It has made a positive difference in how I feel.”

Once you’ve tried one of our fine products, don’t forget to write a review of your own. The next customer will appreciate it — and so will we. Your opinion is important to us!

Cabot Orton