How Our Facebook Friends Stay Warm In Winter

Winter 2016 is proving to be a wild ride for millions of folks all across the USA. Last week, when winter storm “Ilias” was surging through much of the Midwest and South, we asked our Facebook friends how the weather was in their neck of the woods, and what they were doing to stay warm and safe.

It quickly became apparent that bad weather in Michigan is NOT the same beast as bad weather in Florida or Texas; it all depends on what you’re used to. And enduring bad winter weather can truly be a serious endeavor. Just as truly, the comments posted in response to our question display experience, mettle, and perhaps just as important – a sense of humor.

Culled from hundreds of our friends’ responses, here are a few, from all across the nation, sharing how they stay safe and warm during winter’s worst.

Attleboro, Massachusetts: Dressing in layers… drinking a nice cup of hot coffee or tea… looking forward to chili for dinner!

Detroit, Michigan: I have definitely layered my clothes and I’m trying to stay inside as much as possible.

Chicago, Illinois: Zero degrees with wind chill -15 degrees. Have to go to work. I’m just going to bundle up and take it slow.

Baltimore, Ohio: 7 degrees and partly sunny. Knitting and birdwatching with lots of hot beverages make winter enjoyable. Storm brewing for Wednesday night…Snowfall is fickle in this part of Ohio.

Western Massachusetts: We have 15 degrees with Arctic winds, sitting by the good ole woodstove!! Can’t beat it to warm right thru to the bone : )

Phoenixville, PA: 14 degrees. 30 miles north of Philadelphia. Underneath my Irish woolen blanket.

Ashby, Massachusetts: Very cold out, staying in and having coffee and baking banana bread.

Guntersville, Alabama: 20 degrees; I am staying in my warm house, with my three cats.

Bloomington, Indiana: It is 3 degrees here. We’re drinking hot coffee and stokin’ the wood stove to keep our toesies toasty!

Omaha, Nebraska: It’s turned off cold here — lows below zero to twenties during the day. We haven’t had much snow yet this winter (one 8″ drop and a couple of 1/2 to 2 inchers). A pretty mild winter so far. I’m in my recliner with a crocheted afghan from Mom over my lap.

Southern Wisconsin: It is 1 degree right now. Eating hot oatmeal and drinking hot coffee, staying cozy.

Central Florida: We are in the grips of our first taste of winter highs in the 50’s and lows in the 40’s took off my shorts and flip flops wearing long pants burrrrrr.

New York City: 0 degrees wind chill. Staying in and snuggling by the fire.

Northeast Ohio: Brrr…Ten degrees. What am I doing to keep warm? Holding my hands over the toaster while the nooks and crannies of my English Muffin get golden brown.

Buckhannon, West Virginia: 5 below last night and now about 6 degrees. Frigid! Staying inside, maybe baking some old fashioned Brown Sugar Cookies with Currants and Black Walnuts from a 100 year old recipe. They are wonderful with a hot cup of tea.

New Hampshire: Cold & windy. Stay inside. If I do go out to run errands, I dress warm and in layers.

Hebron, Connecticut: Wood stove’s going and babysitting our grandchild – looking out the window at hawks trying to fly in the wind to spy prey in the fields. 23 blustery degrees.

On the Ocean in Massachusetts: Extremely Cold and Windy here. Electric Blanket and a hot cup of tea.

Michigan: Below zero here with wind chill. Curling up with a cup of hot cocoa made with Butler’s chocolate discs.

Southern Vermont: Studded secure step!!! Love them!! Haven’t fallen once this year on the ice!!! I walk like Frankenstein in them but I’m learning!! Lol!

Ogunquit, Maine: It’s a blustery 15* here. I live above Bread and Roses Bakery. I am staying in warm and writing, having hot cocoa and raisin toast. Just got another story published in Goose River Anthology. Also watching Grondin trucks continuing their work on the Route 1 Reconstruction Project/Maine DOT.

Texas: Warmer today, 42… My husband and I are cooking up a big pot of stew for our retired friends at church! Lots of fun, food and friends on this January cold day.

Fairbanks, Alaska: We’ve had a pretty mild winter here. Been right around zero for the past few weeks.

Dallas, Texas: 45 degrees. I’m going to stay in and clean my sewing room!

Minus 29 Degrees in Wausau, Wisconsin ~ January 2016
Minus 29 Degrees in Wausau, Wisconsin ~ January 2016

Waynesville, North Carolina: It’s 13 outside right now . Got one grandchild at the moment with me and another one coming later today. We are going to make a carrot cake and tater soup for supper.

New Berlin, Wisconsin: 0 DEGREES HERE AND I AM OUT OF COFFEE !!!

In Oklahoma between Tulsa and OKC: Low 14 degrees Sunday night. High Monday 31 degrees. Had heat lamps in all of our chicken houses and plenty of hay in the barn and sheds for our horse, llamas, and donkeys.

Missouri: Snow is on the way, but it is warmer than yesterday at 20 degrees. Wearing layers and drinking warm beverages.

Indiana: It’s clear and 15 degrees. I’m ready for the cold. Almost. I need to go check how much food we have that doesn’t need to be cooked in case the power goes out. I’m an old Girl Scout and we are fairly well prepared.

South Dakota: Layers inside and out for me and for the dog. Feeding the wild bunnies as the temps plummet. Just thrilled with anything above zero!

Middle of Georgia: It was in the mid 20’s here last night. Only in the low 40’s for the high today and quite windy. This evening I am alternating cups of hot tea and glasses of wine for warmth. lol

Old Man Winter may have been slow in coming to many regions across the USA, but he sure has made up for lost time! We thank each and every one of you for sharing your weather situation, and how you are faring. The good news: the days are getting longer and spring is on its way! Until then, stay safe, warm, and in touch with us on Facebook.

2 Responses to “How Our Facebook Friends Stay Warm In Winter”

  1. Deborah Evans

    You all sounds great! Lovely way to describe all your predicaments, loved reading them all. Stay sweet and sound, I love you and G-d loves you more, always remember this.

  2. Sheila Agaciewski

    From Chicago…as a child I remember the coal delivery man coming and sending mom and dad’s order down a chute into the basement coal bin. Dad had a big shovel to send the coal into the furnace. Then one early morning all five of us kids were all hustled into the car with our belongings and were on our way across Route 66 headed west. Mom and dad say we were headed for California, but we only got as far as Phoenix and here we are still, and that was in 1952! Today, after marrying and raising three sons, I am reaching for a cup of hot tea when daytime temps are in the low 60’s! You Easern and Midwest folks are definitely a hardy bunch, ah, but you do get us back when summer temps are 112 outside! Life’s choices–isn’t being an American a great place to be?


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