Our delicious Easter stolen

Easter is a wonderful holiday, rooted in traditions that we are particularly fond of in Vermont because they involve family, food, and simple ways to have fun together. For many folks, though, the holiday has lost much of its interest and appeal, beyond chocolate eggs. That doesn’t have to be. There are dozens of traditions associated with Easter that you can easily rekindle. Here are some we observe every year.

At Easter we always have flowers around. Lilies are traditional, but for the table, we get some cheerful daffodils. It’s worth the trip to a florist to get the freshest ones. While you are there, is there anyone you’d like to send flowers to?

easter Stollen
Whether you buy one or bake your own, Easter dinner is not complete at our house without a tender, buttery stollen, studded with fruit and nuts. It’s a special treat we reserve for holidays.

Classic recipes
Maple baked ham is always our choice for Easter dinner because the leftovers are so versatile. They go into soups, sandwiches, baked beans—you name it. Serve deviled eggs too. They’re easy to make, guests just love them and, well, you’ll have plenty of eggs.

We don’t know exactly how this tradition started, but Easter with its spring breezes is a great day to fly a kite. And it gets the kids outside for a few hours. If the kites are ones the kids made or at least assembled themselves, even better.

Your Sunday Best
No matter how causal dinner is every other night of the year; we dress up for Easter dinner. In the past, children even got a new dress or new suit to wear for the first time at Easter.

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