How True Vermonters Stay Healthy in Winter

Up here in Vermont we keep healthy by keeping busy. Ben Franklin was right; idleness, like isolation, is bad for the mind and body. Do those chores today, not tomorrow. Stand, don’t sit.

Our neighbors are real Vermonters, salty old-timers in the best way, “tough as a ten-cent steak.” In their eighties they still chop their own wood, keep bees, “put up” garden vegetables, milk cows, and tend chickens. They are the real deal. How do they do it?

1.) They stay active.

2.) They don’t spend too much time alone.

3.) They put effort into maintaining their health now, rather than struggling to recover it later, with wholesome foods, plenty of sleep, and moderation in all things.

It’s no different than maintaining the roof that keeps the barn from falling down. Natural remedies help, too. We carry the best, most effective natural remedies and, yes, we take them ourselves.

Think of our assortment as a resource to help you get started. The rest is up to you!

Cabot Orton, for the Orton Family

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  1. Connie Marie Brant

    I love the treasured older products you have. I love your catalog. Have you ever heard of Corn Silk Pressed and Loose Powder? I have been using Corn Silk since I was 15 years old and a couple of years ago Sally Hansen discontinued it. I know the reason it didn’t sell well. They never had any on the shelf! I took to running from store to store and buying all I could. I am 63 now and I bought all I could on line and am getting low. The Corn Silk Translucent is the best. I keeps the oily skin at bay and has the barest shimmer I have ever seen. It doesn’t get stuck in my wrinkles. I love the way it made my young and now my old skin look. Don’t let this wonderful product die. You found “Your The Fire” for me. I was hoping Corn Silk could be added to your list of wonderful old products.


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