Women's Wool-Blend Ragg Cable PonchoNow that cold weather has moved in and the holidays are coming right up, it can feel like you need several different outfits—every day. You’re indoors, outdoors, at work, running errands, socializing with friends or spending time at home with family. In Vermont, it’s not unusual to experience all four seasons in one day, so we’ve become experts at adapting our outfits and layering for warmth. Mother Nature can’t fool us when the weather starts out frosty, gets warmer with the sun peeking out, turns to rain, becomes overcast with gusts of wind and then clears to reveal a starlit sky!

If you’re likely going to experience even part of the weather changes we do, then you need to be prepared with a versatile outfit that keeps you feeling warm (without overheating) and looking stylish all day (and night) long.

Layering for Warmth

oatmeal poncho

First, focus on a base layer that skims your silhouette. Turtlenecks are frequently our go-to, since they coordinate well with sweaters, jackets, and outerwear, and never go out of style. Turtlenecks help trap heat when you need to say warm but their cotton fabric lets them breathe so you don’t overheat. They can be dressed up or dressed down—we think of them as the workhorse of our winter wardrobe.

Layering With Ease and Style

To add an extra layer of style your look, consider adding a poncho or cape layer in a sweater knit or fleece. This can be your outer layer, or, in the middle of winter, a mid-weight layer you wear inside. Our featured festive red poncho pops matched with a white turtleneck. And these two layers may be all you need, depending on the temperature.

Ponchos have the added benefit of draping beautifully without appearing bulky. Translation: They hide what you don’t want to be seen and still make you look stylish!

If you need a layer in between, go for something like a lighter-weight sweater that fits over your turtleneck and won’t fall below the length of your poncho, while allowing it to fit smoothly on top. The Ragg Wool-blend sweater pictured here is a good choice for a middle layer.

Balance Out the BottomWide-Wale Corduroy Cotton Jumper

Since ponchos don’t have a defined shape, you want to choose a bottom that balances out your silhouette. Try something that’s a closer fit (but not tight). Our corduroy pants are a comfortable and classic choice that is great for winter.

If you’re looking for variety, you could also wear a classic corduroy jumper over your turtleneck and pair it with your poncho, cozy tights and boots.

It’s All in the Details

If you really want to punch up your style, add some great accessories. Top everything off with a great pair of ankle boots, gloves with feminine detail and/or a hat, and, of course, the perfect bag. There are many choices that are attractive and functional. There is no longer any need to sacrifice comfort and warmth for style!

With so many options, you will have everything you need to stay comfortable and stylish all winter long!