Here’s a bit of health news that’s almost too good to be true: At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society, international scientists shared studies indicating that maple syrup can protect the brain against the kind of cell damage that causes Alzheimer’s Disease.

Vermont maple syrup is the best in the worldAccording to an article in Medical News, extracts of pure maple syrup prevent brain proteins from fibrillating (getting clumped and tangled), and protect the neurons in brain cells.

Another article, in the Ottawa Sun, says that maple syrup also contains anti-oxidants similar to vitamin C. And the Telegraph says the same study shows that maple syrup may even extend the life of patients already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

It isn’t known yet how maple syrup works these wonders, but we do know that pure maple syrup contains over 100 “bioactive” compounds, some of which have anti-inflammatory properties.

A note of caution: these are early results and should be confirmed with more studies. And while switching from processed sugar to maple syrup is probably harmless, make sure you don’t increase your overall sugar intake beyond what your doctor advises.

Still, this is the kind of news that sets the Internet buzzing, and for good reason. It’s another reason to enjoy sweet, flavorful maple syrup—who doesn’t welcome that?