Vrest Orton and customers at The Vermont Country Store

A New England Original, the Uncommon “Common Cracker”

You’ve probably heard of them, even if you’ve never had the pleasure of eating one. Vermont Common Crackers are the original “cracker barrel” crackers. Since 1828 they’ve been a staple in New England country stores, stored in a wooden barrel next to the cheese counter and sold by the scoop. Despite the name, there’s nothing… more


Pucker Up For Seersucker! Why We Love This Classic Summertime Fabric

As a kid, I loved seersucker pajamas and wore mine all summer long. On hot, humid Vermont summer evenings we all took baths to cool off, and slipped into the crinkly coolness of our seersucker PJs before bedtime. Somehow, they magically kept the cool in and the heat out, which was quite the feat given… more

Which came first, the tree or the stone wall?

Vermont’s Landscape—Where People and Nature Work Together to Create Beauty

Visitors to Vermont are always impressed by how “unspoiled” it is. Well, we take good care of our little state and we appreciate the compliment, but it’s not quite accurate. Vermont isn’t unspoiled in the sense of a true wilderness. It’s a working landscape, shaped by the push-and-pull of people and natural forces. As Earth… more

Old-fashioned or On-Trend? How about both!?

Are We Old-Fashioned or On-Trend?

“Can a store be both totally old-fashioned and on point for current trends at the same time?” That’s the question author Gail Ciampa asked in her recent Providence Journal article about The Vermont Country Store. It’s a question my brothers and I ask ourselves a lot. We take great joy in being able to offer… more

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts: Unique Gifts For Her

No matter what you give her, your mother is going to love it, because she loves you! But of course you want to get her a gift as unique and special as she is. Show her your appreciation by giving her a present she’ll treasure. Discover unique Mother’s Day gifts at The Vermont Country Store,… more

Vermont Country Store volunteers support strong communities

What’s Our Secret to Successful Volunteering in Vermont?

Today is National Volunteer Day, a time to shine a light on the important work that over 62 million people across the country do for others. Almost 35% of Vermonters volunteer, according to the National Corporation for Volunteering in America, which puts us sixth on the list of 50 states. In Vermont, volunteering was born… more

Spring is in the air... and in our crisp cotton percale sheets

Childhood Memories of Spring in Vermont

Winters are long here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the arrival of spring can never come soon enough. We eagerly await the first sounds of the season and the bright burst of flowers that let us know warmer temperatures are on their way. When we were boys, one unmistakable sign that spring was… more

Jersey milk cows

Practical Solutions for Everyday Problems #1: What to do when a cow steps on your foot

Don’t laugh. When the populations of cows and people are nearly equal, as it is in Vermont, such events are not at all uncommon. The first thing you must do is get the cow off of your foot. That’s oftentimes easier said than done because they tend to settle in for a spell when they’re… more

Natural Health and Wellness News

Herbal Extracts and Natural Remedies: How Not to be Fooled by Snake Oil

I’ve been a proponent of natural and herbal remedies for as long as I can remember. You could say that it’s my main passion in life. I’ve used countless herbs, natural remedies, tinctures, and supplements with great success. Not everyone in my family however, has always agreed with my thinking. Take my dad, for instance.… more

Vermont maple syrup is the best in the world

No Fooling: Maple Syrup May Be the New Brain Food!

Here’s a bit of health news that’s almost too good to be true: At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society, international scientists shared studies indicating that maple syrup can protect the brain against the kind of cell damage that causes Alzheimer’s Disease. According to an article in Medical News, extracts of pure maple… more