Spring Cleaning in Vermont

Spring Cleaning, Vermont Style

There’s a farmhouse down the road with a handmade sign hanging up by the kitchen door. It says, “The house was clean yesterday. Sorry you missed it.” All joking aside, keeping the house clean is no easy matter in Vermont, especially during our notorious spring mud season. But instead of giving up, we just double… more

100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup: Would Your Syrup Pass Inspection?

Last year during sugaring season, I headed up to northern Vermont to visit with Dave Marvin and his children, Emma and Ira. Dave and his family are wonderful, salt-of-the-earth Vermonters who manage a legendary “sugar bush”—that’s what we call a grove of sugar maple trees used to make maple syrup. Dave’s father, Dr. James Wallace… more

Robin on a Branch, by Donnel Barnum

Easter in Vermont

In our home, Easter is a time for ham, hearty appetites, and a whole lot of “how do you do’s.” By the time Easter rolls around, if you’re like us, you’re probably weary of winter’s gray skies, icy blasts of cold, and towering snow piles. Even cross-country skiing and snowman-building have lost their allure. By… more

Vermonters Are Soft On Tough Winters

Winter in Vermont, We’re Soft on this Tough Season

Perhaps you are one of our many customers in a corner of the country with gentle, balmy winters. Possibly, you “escaped” the Northeast years ago and never looked back! We can’t blame you. Vermont winters are long, cold, and heavy on the snow—they aren’t for everyone. If you tried to place an order with us… more

Snow in Northwest Montana, January 2016

How Our Facebook Friends Stay Warm In Winter

Winter 2016 is proving to be a wild ride for millions of folks all across the USA. Last week, when winter storm “Ilias” was surging through much of the Midwest and South, we asked our Facebook friends how the weather was in their neck of the woods, and what they were doing to stay warm… more

How to Stay Warm and Healthy

How True Vermonters Stay Healthy in Winter

Up here in Vermont we keep healthy by keeping busy. Ben Franklin was right; idleness, like isolation, is bad for the mind and body. Do those chores today, not tomorrow. Stand, don’t sit. Our neighbors are real Vermonters, salty old-timers in the best way, “tough as a ten-cent steak.” In their eighties they still chop… more

Vermont snowman

6 Things to Do in Southern Vermont in January

Six months out of every year, our abundance of snow, ski slopes, and lodges makes Vermont a premier destination for hundreds of thousands of skiers. But you don’t have to be a skier to enjoy Vermont in winter; there are plenty of exciting, fun, entertaining, and relaxing things to do in our Green Mountain State.… more

Weston store doors

Making Do: Re-use at The Vermont Country Store

We recently turned the side-entrance at our Weston store from a single to double door. We had some old doors stored away and found one that was a match – almost – to the existing single door. No, the handles and locks are not lined up, but who cares? Most of us in Vermont are… more

Michelle Murray, Storekeeper at The Vermont Country Store

A Christmas Story: The Gift of Giving Back

by Ann Warrell, Community Action Coordinator for The Vermont Country Store Let me introduce you to Michelle Murray, with her own words: “I would really like to be a part of The Vermont Country Store’s Volunteer Team, because when I attended the College of Saint Joseph in Rutland, The Vermont Country Store always provided Christmas… more

Traditional German Christmas Stollen

Family Traditions Make the Holidays Special

Christmas, more than any other time of year, is when we celebrate traditions, and so many of our favorite traditions are about food. From the old-fashioned candy that delighted Grandpa when he was a boy and buttery loaves of stollen dusted with powdered sugar, to real chocolate-covered sugarplums, and gingerbread houses frosted in “snow” and… more