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Five-Star Favorites

The Products Our Customers Love the Most By Cabot Orton, Proprietor We may live in rural Vermont, but when it comes to finding the best products, we look high and low all over the world. Once we have found a new product, we test it to make sure it will really work and really last.… more

Easy, Breezy Muumuus

Easy, Breezy Muumuus

One Dress, Endless Possibilities By: Theresa Darling Though at first appearance you may think it’s simply a lounge-about housedress, take another look! Sure, it pops easily over your head, flows generously over every curve, and flatters your figure like we all hope our favorite jeans do. But please, don’t underestimate the muumuu’s stylish versatility; there’s… more

M. MAC Designs for Women: Creativity, Comfort and Quality

M. MAC Designs for Women: Creativity, Comfort and Quality

An Interview with Dyanne McGrath, M. MAC Founder I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dyanne McGrath, the founder and creative fashion genius behind the M. MAC line of comfortable clothing for women. She and her husband Ed started their small, family-owned and operated business in 1991, in California, where they are still located… more

Over 1,000 ticks can live on an acre of land.

7 Facts about Deer Ticks You Need to Know Now

How to Defend Yourself against Lyme Disease Have you ever felt a little tickle on your arm and without looking to see what it was, instinctively reach to wipe it away? Your eyes follow your hand by a split second — and then it registers — OMG! It’s a tick! Panic ensues. Your heart races.… more


10 Favorite Summer Camp Memories

Remember These Summer Camp Classics? Some of our most cherished childhood memories are about summer camp, those magical weeks of sun, fun and friendship you looked forward to each summer. Put yourself in a summer camp frame of mind with these Vermont Country Store classics. 1.  Tie-Dye Remember putting rubber bands around an old t-shirt… more

Made in the USA

We Salute Made in the USA

A Parade of American-Made Products Just as in many other small towns in the USA, in our little Vermont town of Weston, one of the highlights of summer is the Fourth of July parade. Ours is a homemade affair. Parade floats are made of hay wagons and pulled by tractors, kids ride bicycles decorated with… more

When You’re a Country Storekeeper…

When You’re a Country Storekeeper…

We’re Always Looking For the Tried-and-True and New!   When my brothers and I were very young, The Vermont Country Store was our playground. When we were a little older, country storekeeper was our first job too, but to us, work still felt like play. The fact that we were paid in penny candy may have… more

Donnel Barnum

Donnel Barnum: Our Artist Answers 5 Questions

Meet Donnel Barnum, The Vermont Country Store Illustrator At The Vermont Country Store, we’re fortunate to have talented folks on whom we rely to bring great color and creativity to our catalog, website and beyond. Donnel Barnum is one of these very special people. An employee since 1986, she’s always there with a ready smile… more

3 bars of soap

The Best Soaps: 5 Key Qualities

I’ve always loved bath soaps. Some soaps bring back childhood memories. Pale-green Irish Spring always reminds me of my father, because he used it every day, and if I were to smell it, I would recognize it. When I was five years old I liked Dial soap because of its happy yellow-orange color, until my… more

Vermont Country Store

Springtime In Vermont: Everything’s New Again

In Vermont, when springtime finally rolls around it’s greeted with open arms, unabashed relief, and wide-eyed wonder. Grey skies turn blue, towering snow piles recede into dewy fields awash in daffodils, and the quiet hush of winter is enlivened by the sweet chirping of songbirds. All across the Vermont countryside, signs of new life are… more