Gather ‘round to reminisce about the great traditions of yesteryear. Here is where we wax nostalgic, share our favorite recipes and practical solutions, and rediscover our favorite products of the past.

Maple Ham

Mildred’s Maple-Glazed Ham with Maple Mustard

Mildred’s Maple-Glazed Ham with Maple Mustard The Orton family would often serve ham for holiday dinners when everyone gathered, because ...
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Maple bonbons

Mildred’s Maple Bonbons

When a native Vermonter friend popped one of these little morsels in his mouth, he said, “I’m tasting my childhood.” ...
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gingerbread house

Home Sweet Home Gingerbread House

Assembling the materials is the best part of making a gingerbread house, and a trip to The Vermont Country Store’s ...
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Turkey Potpie with Buttermilk Biscuits

A potpie is comfort food at its finest, and here we use turkey rather than the more common chicken. If ...
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Traditional Roast Turkey with Apple-Sage Dressing

Every year, there’s a different newfangled way to cook turkey, from brining it in salted water overnight to dropping it ...
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Roasted Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup

Roasting vegetables before adding them to a soup brings out deeper flavors, and the soup is ready in half the ...
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Apple Pie Without the Cheese — Is Like A Kiss Without The Squeeze!

In a world of increasingly uniform manufactured foods, one dessert dish remains defiantly regional: the humble apple pie. You would ...
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Mildred Orton picnics

Summer Picnics with Mildred

Our grandmother was a genuine picnic enthusiast. For summer drives along unpaved roads, she would often plan to stop by ...
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Eggs of a Different Color

Take a drive down a Vermont country road, and you won’t get far before you come across a hand-painted sign ...
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We Love Maple Season!

The four seasons in Vermont are admired for their fantastic beauty. Music, art and prose are have long sought to ...
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Gingerbread Spice Makes Everything Nice

When you are longing to share warmth and comfort indoors, a batch of gingerbread can do just the trick! Inspired ...
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Keep Colds at Bay with Oil of Oregano

During the hectic holidays, it’s easy to get run down. When you’re focused on taking care of everything, taking care ...
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Serve a Plum Pudding for Christmas!

The plum pudding is the quintessential Christmas dessert. It’s rich, dense, intensely fruity, yet subtle and complex. And of course, ...
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Savoring Christmas Traditions

Like any family, we have a host of Christmas traditions we observe year after year, and we cherish them all ...
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Local Vermont Cheese: A Lost Tradition Rediscovered

We’ve been selling fine Vermont cheeses at the Vermont Country Store for a long, long time. In fact, one of ...
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The Best Place in Vermont is Outside!

Vermont is a fantastic place to be active, no matter your age, and no matter the season. Fall especially is ...
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Cheese Samples at the Vermont Country Store

Care to Try a Slice?

If you’ve been to visit The Vermont Country Store, you know that your time with us is about more than ...
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Drive on Five Back-Country Roads in Vermont

Fall is in the air, and everyone within driving distance is thinking about paying a visit to Vermont. Of course, ...
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The Story of the Strength of the Hills

Well, it’s apple season, and as usual Vermonters are taking up one of their favorite subjects of debate: which apples ...
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Customer's Diamond Ring

Every Transaction is Chance to Make a Friend

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to show and describe a product accurately, it just isn’t what you were looking for ...
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Teachout-Orton Store

Where It All Began…

This is the country store that inspired Vrest Orton to open The Vermont Country Store in 1946. It belonged to ...
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The Story Behind Our Famous Kissing Bridge

As fall foliage season draws near, you may want to plan a visit to some of Vermont’s most beloved landmarks: ...
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Vermont’s Spookiest Bridge

Come fall, when you think of Vermont, you usually picture dazzling reds, oranges, and yellows brilliantly painted across the landscape ...
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The Bryant House Among Top-Rated Mom & Pop Restaurants in Vermont

Vermont has fewer people in the whole state than most big cities, but locals know they don’t have to travel ...
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It’s PYO Season in Vermont

Summer is well underway here in Vermont. The days are hot and muggy, and the nights often rumble and boom ...
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View by the road in Vermont

What You Don’t See When Driving Through Vermont

A funny thing happens when you drive into Vermont from Massachusetts or upstate New York. The foothills are the same, ...
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Store Door Bell

The Most Pleasant Sound in the World

Every so often, some salesman tries to convince us to install an “electronic entry alert chime” in our store. That’s ...
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Vermonters Insist on Our Right to Dry

On a hot, muggy summer night, nothing helps you get to sleep like cool, crisp sheets that have been dried ...
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Award-winning Gardening Hat offers 50+ UPF sun protection.

Healing Sunshine: How to Enjoy the Sun Safely

Summer is finally here, and with it comes longer days and more sunshine!  Many of us have come to love ...
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Wooden nickels and the world's best maple creemee

You Can Still Buy Plenty with a Wooden Nickel

What can you get for a wooden nickel? Not much in most places, but at The Vermont Country Store, we’ll ...
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The Little Town Of Weston Remembers When…

We’re celebrating our 70th anniversary at The Vermont Country Store this year. These days, it’s remarkable for any business to ...
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Paper Bag Cow, a Great Kid's Craft

Practical Solutions For Everyday Problems: 25+ uses for brown paper lunch bags

Frugal folks like us are always looking for new uses for favorite old-time products. We asked our Facebook friends if ...
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Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Store And Our Favorite Storekeeper

This year we celebrate two important milestones. Seventy years ago, our grandparents Vrest and Mildred produced a modest, homemade catalog, ...
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Eliot, Cabot, Lyman, and Gardner Orton enjoying a maple creemee at Mildred's Dairy Bar in Weston, Vermont.

Vermont’s Pure Maple Creemee, It’s What Summer Tastes Like!

You may have mowed the lawn, you may have played some baseball, you may even have gone swimming. But around ...
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Small Town, Big Celebration!

Mark your calendars! On June 18, 2016, we’re celebrating The Vermont Country Store's 70th anniversary--and the 80th anniversary of the ...
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How To Get a Great Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing like a great night of sleep. To fall asleep quickly -- and stay asleep all night -- waking ...
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vintage Father's Day

Unique Father’s Day Gifts: The Things Dad Really Wants On His Special Day

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Don’t bother asking him what he wants. He’ll either tell you ...
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Vrest Orton and customers at The Vermont Country Store

A New England Original, the Uncommon “Common Cracker”

You’ve probably heard of them, even if you’ve never had the pleasure of eating one. Vermont Common Crackers are the ...
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Pucker Up For Seersucker! Why We Love This Classic Summertime Fabric

As a kid, I loved seersucker pajamas and wore mine all summer long. On hot, humid Vermont summer evenings we ...
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Which came first, the tree or the stone wall?

Vermont’s Landscape—Where People and Nature Work Together to Create Beauty

Visitors to Vermont are always impressed by how “unspoiled” it is. Well, we take good care of our little state ...
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Old-fashioned or On-Trend? How about both!?

Are We Old-Fashioned or On-Trend?

“Can a store be both totally old-fashioned and on point for current trends at the same time?” That’s the question ...
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Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts: Unique Gifts For Her

No matter what you give her, your mother is going to love it, because she loves you! But of course ...
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Vermont Country Store volunteers support strong communities

What’s Our Secret to Successful Volunteering in Vermont?

Today is National Volunteer Day, a time to shine a light on the important work that over 62 million people ...
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Spring is in the air... and in our crisp cotton percale sheets

Childhood Memories of Spring in Vermont

Winters are long here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the arrival of spring can never come soon enough ...
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Jersey milk cows

Practical Solutions for Everyday Problems #1: What to do when a cow steps on your foot

Don’t laugh. When the populations of cows and people are nearly equal, as it is in Vermont, such events are ...
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Natural Health and Wellness News

Herbal Extracts and Natural Remedies: How Not to be Fooled by Snake Oil

I’ve been a proponent of natural and herbal remedies for as long as I can remember. You could say that ...
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Vermont maple syrup is the best in the world

No Fooling: Maple Syrup May Be the New Brain Food!

Here’s a bit of health news that’s almost too good to be true: At a recent meeting of the American ...
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Spring Cleaning in Vermont

Spring Cleaning, Vermont Style

There’s a farmhouse down the road with a handmade sign hanging up by the kitchen door. It says, “The house ...
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100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup: Would Your Syrup Pass Inspection?

Last year during sugaring season, I headed up to northern Vermont to visit with Dave Marvin and his children, Emma ...
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Robin on a Branch, by Donnel Barnum

Easter in Vermont

In our home, Easter is a time for ham, hearty appetites, and a whole lot of “how do you do’s.” ...
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Vermonters Are Soft On Tough Winters

Winter in Vermont, We’re Soft on this Tough Season

Perhaps you are one of our many customers in a corner of the country with gentle, balmy winters. Possibly, you ...
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Snow in Northwest Montana, January 2016

How Our Facebook Friends Stay Warm In Winter

Winter 2016 is proving to be a wild ride for millions of folks all across the USA. Last week, when ...
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How to Stay Warm and Healthy

How True Vermonters Stay Healthy in Winter

Up here in Vermont we keep healthy by keeping busy. Ben Franklin was right; idleness, like isolation, is bad for ...
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Vermont snowman

6 Things to Do in Southern Vermont in January

Six months out of every year, our abundance of snow, ski slopes, and lodges makes Vermont a premier destination for ...
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Weston store doors

Making Do: Re-use at The Vermont Country Store

We recently turned the side-entrance at our Weston store from a single to double door. We had some old doors ...
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Michelle Murray, Storekeeper at The Vermont Country Store

A Christmas Story: The Gift of Giving Back

by Ann Warrell, Community Action Coordinator for The Vermont Country Store Let me introduce you to Michelle Murray, with her ...
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Traditional German Christmas Stollen

Family Traditions Make the Holidays Special

Christmas, more than any other time of year, is when we celebrate traditions, and so many of our favorite traditions ...
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Thoughtful gifts for loved ones

Meaningful Holiday Gifts: Your Christmas Gift Guide

It can be tough to find something original to give for the holidays, especially for someone who “has everything.” But ...
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Eliot Orton and son

Vermont’s Christmas Tree Traditions

We know that Christmas is not far away when the mountains start wearing their little caps of snow. It’s getting ...
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Christmas Dreams and Wishes: A Letter from the Orton Family

Here in Vermont the nights are getting frosty, and although Christmas is a ways off, you can be sure the ...
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Happy 65th Anniversary To Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang!

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang’s 65th Anniversary

Celebrate with Our Exclusive Peanuts Collection By Theresa Darling Good grief! Has it really been 65 years since this group ...
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We've been making Halloween Spooktacularly more fun since 1946

An Ode to Cherished Halloween Memories

By Walter Schmitt, Orton Storekeeper Moonlit eyes are glowing bright, Trick-or-treaters fill the night. Ghouls and goblins on display, Old-time ...
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Our NEW Lanz of Salzburg Cardinal Tyrolean Flannel Sheet Set

Portuguese Flannel Sleepwear & Sheets

We Traveled the World to Find the Softest, Warmest Flannel By Mike Laflamme, fabric expert at The Vermont Country Store ...
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Autumn view from Route 11

Get Ready for Vermont Foliage Season 2015!

  Two Leaf-Peeping Trails You Shouldn’t Miss By Theresa Darling There’s a chill in the morning air and hints of ...
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Fall in Vermont: It’s Time for Apples and Maple!

One of Our Favorite Fall Family Recipes By Eliot Orton, Proprietor When it comes to apples and maple, none compare ...
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A great night's sleep starts with the right pillow for you.

Pillow Talk: How to Pick Your Perfect Pillow

Find the Best Pillow for Your Best Night’s Sleep By: Theresa Darling From early childhood through old age, people love ...
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cookbook cover

Introducing Our Book of Family Recipes—Generations in the Making

Recipes, History, and Lore from The Vermont Country Store  By Eliot Orton, Proprietor The Vermont Country Store Cookbook has been ...
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Best in show, our customer favorites!

Five-Star Favorites

The Products Our Customers Love the Most By Cabot Orton, Proprietor We may live in rural Vermont, but when it ...
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Easy, Breezy Muumuus

One Dress, Endless Possibilities By: Theresa Darling Though at first appearance you may think it’s simply a lounge-about housedress, take ...
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M. MAC Designs for Women: Creativity, Comfort and Quality

An Interview with Dyanne McGrath, M. MAC Founder I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dyanne McGrath, the founder ...
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Over 1,000 ticks can live on an acre of land.

7 Facts about Deer Ticks You Need to Know Now

How to Defend Yourself against Lyme Disease Have you ever felt a little tickle on your arm and without looking ...
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10 Favorite Summer Camp Memories

Remember These Summer Camp Classics? Some of our most cherished childhood memories are about summer camp, those magical weeks of ...
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Made in the USA

We Salute Made in the USA

A Parade of American-Made Products Just as in many other small towns in the USA, in our little Vermont town ...
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When You’re a Country Storekeeper…

We’re Always Looking For the Tried-and-True and New! When my brothers and I were very young, The Vermont Country Store ...
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Donnel Barnum

Donnel Barnum: Our Artist Answers 5 Questions

Meet Donnel Barnum, The Vermont Country Store Illustrator At The Vermont Country Store, we're fortunate to have talented folks on ...
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3 bars of soap

The Best Soaps: 5 Key Qualities

I’ve always loved bath soaps. Some soaps bring back childhood memories. Pale-green Irish Spring always reminds me of my father, ...
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Vermont Country Store

Springtime In Vermont: Everything’s New Again

In Vermont, when springtime finally rolls around it’s greeted with open arms, unabashed relief, and wide-eyed wonder. Grey skies turn ...
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Irish sweater gifts

Top 12 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

One Mother Shares Her Wish List Every year when my children ask me what I would like for Mother’s Day, ...
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marie force

Bestselling Author Marie Force Answers 5 Questions

Her Green Mountain Series, The Vermont Country Store & the Orton Family Last month, The Vermont Country Store welcomed back ...
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Incontinence Solutions: A Candid Conversation

Do you find yourself turning down social gatherings, walks, workouts, or travel plans because you need to stay close to ...
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bone broth

A Bone Broth Recipe for Wellness

By Gardner Orton, Proprietor A while back, I was having some digestive issues and increased allergies, which can oftentimes be ...
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Mud Season in Vermont: What’s Not to Love About It?

Our Feet Are In Winter, 
Our Heads Are In Spring By Cabot Orton, Proprietor Mud season in Vermont. Next to ...
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Affordable Sleep Solutions

8 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep and Easy, Affordable Solutions You don’t have to be a sleep ...
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vintage easter postcard

12 Old-Fashioned Easter Gifts

Fill Their Easter Basket with Classic Candies and Toys Remember the excitement of Easter morning? I do. My seven siblings ...
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Duster, Popover, Housecoat, Robe…What’s the Darn Difference?

I am not a fashionista. I know nothing about women’s style or the latest clothing trends. I’m a writer. I ...
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Make the Most of Winter

In Vermont, winter often arrives early and lingers long after the calendar announces spring. Instead of resisting winter’s blustery ways, ...
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Natural Health and Wellness News

The Wisdom of Vermont Folk Medicine Remedies

We Vermonters are a hearty bunch and we value our good health. But we are also notoriously frugal. So when ...
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vermont country store

Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

Must-Haves for Your Medicine Chest By Gardner Orton, Proprietor People often ask me what to take when they come down ...
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Vrest Orton

Just Say No to Retro!

Eliot Orton, Proprietor, The Vermont Country Store Our grandfather Vrest Orton was a 7th generation Vermonter.  He was hard-working, practical, ...
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