Paper Bag Cow

Paper Bag Cow – kid’s craft

Frugal folks like us are always looking for new uses for favorite old-time products. We asked our Facebook friends if they still used brown paper lunch bags, and WOW, they sure do! Here are some of the many ways this humble object can make your everyday life a little easier:

  1. Flour-coat chicken, stew meat, et cetera. Toss in herbs and spices, too
  2. Store mushrooms
  3. Make paper bag puppets & other kids’ art projects
  4. Tiny tissue trash bags when the kids are sick
  5. Packing small glassware for moving, storing or shipping
  6. Storing Christmas ornaments
  7. Student treat bags for during final exams
  8. Ripen avocados, pears, bananas, and all stone fruits
  9. Store flower bulbs over winter
  10. Toss kitty poop from the litter box
  11. Bring along on road trips; they come in handy
  12. Decorate for Christmas gift bags
  13. Wrap peelings that can’t go down the disposal
  14. Use to dry herbs
  15. Useful at craft fairs
  16. Use them for luminarias at Christmastime

    Beautiful luminaries by our Facebook friend Lynn, in New Mexico

    Beautiful luminaries by our Facebook friend Lynn, in New Mexico

  17. Making popcorn in microwave (1/4 cup for 1 min. 30 sec.)
  18. Keep soft pretzels fresh
  19. Homemade book covers
  20. Good-bye goodie bags for grandkids, after they get buckled into car seats
  21. Thank-you bags for volunteers
  22. Use to draw patterns for ornaments and paper dolls
  23. Use for making place card holders
  24. Draining fried chicken and French fries, they work better than paper towels
  25. Cool your fresh-baked cookies and fried doughnuts on them
  26. Sell fresh baked goods at the Farmers Market
  27. Roll them into rough and tumble balls; cats love to play with them
  28. And, as so many of our friends agree, sometimes a brown paper lunch bag is great for… packing a lunch.

Thanks to all who took the time to share their tips with us! You can rediscover more practical products from yesteryear at The Vermont Country Store and enjoy a stroll down Memory Lane on our Facebook page.