Jersey milk cows

Jersey Milk Cows

Don’t laugh. When the populations of cows and people are nearly equal, as it is in Vermont, such events are not at all uncommon.

The first thing you must do is get the cow off of your foot. That’s oftentimes easier said than done because they tend to settle in for a spell when they’re comfortable. Lean into the bovine with all your weight, push hard and if needed, give her a good whack. Take fast advantage when they shift their weight, because they may settle back in.

Now, tend to your wound. If it pains greatly to wiggle your toes or you’ve got yourself a bleeding gash, get to the doctor. If your foot is sore, bruised or swollen, count your lucky stars and begin the RICE regimen, recommended by doctors for over 100 years and still a most practical and effective treatment:

Rest: Stay off your foot for a few days, or at least long enough to ice it several times a day.

Good old-fashioned ice bag.

Rose Bud Ice Bag won’t leak.

Ice: Apply ice ASAP for 15 minutes at a time. In a pinch, a bag of frozen peas will suffice, but why waste good peas? Every home should have a good old-fashioned ice bag on hand, like ours.

Compression: Wrap your foot with an elastic bandage. It’ll soothe the ache and protect it from the bumps and bangs that inevitably happen when you’re gimping along with an injury.

Elevation: Take a load off your feet; sit down and raise your foot, preferably above your knees.

Finally, next time you’re in the near vicinity of the offending cow, keep a close eye on her.