We don’t have to look at the calendar to know when summer arrives in Vermont. The days are longer, and the sun is warm on our skin. Once the ground becomes firm under our feet (spring in Vermont is called “mud season” for a reason!), we know it’s time—time to explore Vermont’s endless outdoor experiences, time to enjoy the freedom of warm sunny days, and time to visit with family and friends.

old fashioned green pickup truck parked in front of The Vermont Country Store in Weston VT

The saying that you make time for things that are important holds a lot of truth when it comes to how we celebrate summer in Vermont. It’s fleeting here, so we pack in all the fun we can during those brief, blissful weeks. It’s the one time of year when hard-working folks work hard at relaxing.

We spend time outside every chance we get—in the woods and on the water. We hike our favorite mountain trails, plunge into off-the-beaten-path swimming holes, and picnic on picturesque meadows.

Everybody in town turns out for the holiday parades, concerts in the park, and summer festivals. You could attend one every week all summer long if you’re willing to drive some distance. But honestly, a leisurely drive through the countryside is enough entertainment all by itself. There are 251 towns in Vermont, and it’s fun to find out what’s unique about each one. If you’re lucky, the children in your back seat will doze off partway there. If you’re not, a small bribe—for good behavior—of a creemee at one of Vermont’s many roadside stands and a game of “I Spy” is usually enough to keep them well-behaved.

Our favorite times are the evenings when we unwind after dinner on the porch. Old stories of past adventures are told over cold drinks and sweet berry desserts. Watching the day become dusk and waiting for the stars to come out as night falls never gets old. We wish these simple summer days would last longer or that there could be more of them. Either way, they are never far from our thoughts and always in our mind’s eye—ready to be relived next summer.

Gardner, Cabot, Eliot, and Lyman Orton
Proprietors of The Vermont Country Store