christmas in weston

Creating a Christmas of Meaning & Merriment

The Christmas catalogs are arriving every day, and holiday ads are everywhere you look – on television, online and in every printed publication — all telling you what to buy, prepare, wrap, cook and do to make your holiday the best ever. The relentless advertising and obligations can leave you feeling more humbug than ho, ho, ho at the “most wonderful time of the year.”

It can be hard to strike a balance between holiday hype and making Christmas meaningful, but it can be done. This year, try “unplugging” Christmas (not the Christmas lights, though!) to restore your belief in holiday magic and the spirit of Christmas.

Old-Fashioned Low-Tech Fun

Seek out holiday activities and experiences that do not involve the use of technology. The idea is to do things that encourage face-to-face interaction with your family and friends. After all, it’s the time you spend talking, laughing and doing things together that makes memories.

Allow every family member to have input, so over the course of the holiday season, there is something for everyone to look forward to and enjoy. As long as it’s not dependent on high-tech phones, gadgets and apps, it’s worth considering.

In our neck of the woods, Christmas in Weston is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season for people of every age. The whole town gets involved putting on this old-fashioned celebration, and there is lots to see and do—all day long. Kids get to make cookies and holiday crafts, and everyone can enjoy a reading of A Christmas Carol. There’s also Christmas carols and, of course, a visit from Santa Claus at The Vermont Country Store! The goodwill and cheer culminate in the traditional tree lighting at dusk. If you want to check it out, Christmas in Weston 2019 is on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Create a New Christmas Tradition

Santa Photo Board

Taking part in old holiday traditions is wonderful, and you should keep that up. But part of the fun is also trying something new. Whether it’s seeing a holiday show, like A Christmas Carol, going sledding, taking in the holiday decorations around town or making cookies—there are endless possibilities for incorporating fresh ideas into your holiday plans. It may even be the start of a new Christmas tradition or two!

Fun You Can Afford

Making merry is no fun if you’re always worried about overspending. Be sure to balance out the activities on your list to include a range of items and prices. That way, you can decide in advance how much you can afford to spend, and it will relieve you from worry, making the holidays even more enjoyable. Making Christmas memories doesn’t have to cost much of anything–sipping hot chocolate with friends or building gingerbread houses with family are both inexpensive ways to get into the spirit of Christmas without breaking the bank.

Avoid Social Media

We’re going out on a limb to suggest you avoid social media while you are engaged in holiday family fun. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take photos (with your phone) to capture the experience but it does mean that posting should be saved for a later time so you can still be present for whatever activity you’re enjoying with your family. How many times have you had to wait for someone to finish their post, type a comment or text before they would continue their conversation with you? At best, it’s annoying, but taken to the extreme, it’s downright rude behavior. Remember, you can post to your heart’s content after you get home. After all, who is more important: your followers or the people you are actually spending time with?

Making Holiday Plans

Santa in Weston Vermont Country Store

As with many things, if you don’t take the time to plan fun activities at Christmas (or any time of year), they don’t always happen. If you plan ahead, you’re more likely to get reservations for that special show, attraction or dinner and stay within your budget. If you wait to the last minute, you risk paying more or missing out.

It’s also true that you’re more likely to follow through if you plan ahead. There’s no reason why that special event on your Christmas Bucket List has to wait any longer. Plan to do it, even if it means you begin saving now to do it next year.

It’s not too late to make this Christmas one you will look back on fondly, and to create lasting memories with your friends and family. Get started today – and Christmas may be your favorite holiday once again.