Vermont Country Store

In Vermont, when springtime finally rolls around it’s greeted with open arms, unabashed relief, and wide-eyed wonder. Grey skies turn blue, towering snow piles recede into dewy fields awash in daffodils, and the quiet hush of winter is enlivened by the sweet chirping of songbirds. All across the Vermont countryside, signs of new life are everywhere as peeping chicks frolic in the sun and prancing lambs and calves kick up their heels in delight.

In our stores, we greet the new season with just as much enthusiasm. The doors, once battened down against winter’s chill, are propped open with milk cans to let the fresh air in. Rocking chairs and gliders are brushed free of snow, and we put away the kettles of hot cider, as ice-cold Moxie sodas, sipped through paper straws, are what we crave now.

We busy ourselves with stocking the shelves, our catalog, and our web site, with a whole new crop of unique and useful items; each is carefully selected to celebrate the freshness of the season.

Cabot Orton