Like other stores, we sell a lot of sheets and blankets at this time of year. Unlike other stores, though, we stick to timeless styles, quality materials, and comfort—the kind of bedding you would find at a Vermont country inn. To us, nothing suggests hospitality and a good night’s sleep better than that.

Vermont Country Store Catalog Cover Vermont Inn

The small country inn is not unique to Vermont, but we do seem to specialize in them. Many are big, historically significant residences such as the mansion of a railroad baron. And some, like the Grafton Inn featured in this catalog, were built as inns. With tall white columns, a driveway lined with old maples, and a deep porch, they harken back to a different time.

The Grafton Inn Vermont

Back in the days of the horse-drawn carriage, most travelers stayed at one of the coaching inns when they could. With room for hundreds of guests and an equal number of horses, they were grand indeed—and expensive. They served the “stage” business (a stage is any coach that stops to change horses), which often meant they were located in the larger towns. For travelers of modest means, or travelers whose business took them to smaller villages, the country inn filled their needs.

Today, these rural inns serve a different purpose: they offer relief from a hectic world. At a Vermont country inn, the surroundings are soothing. You find yourself checking your phone less often. You sleep better. The innkeepers are a lively and knowledgeable breed; they can tell you the history of the grandfather clock in the parlor, the nearest covered bridge or the best fishing holes. If you are thinking of a visit to Vermont (and we hope you are) you owe it to yourself to stay over at a country inn.