Remember These Summer Camp Classics?


Some of our most cherished childhood memories are about summer camp, those magical weeks of sun, fun and friendship you looked forward to each summer. Put yourself in a summer camp frame of mind with these Vermont Country Store classics.

1.  Tie-Dye


Tie-Dyed Caftan

Remember putting rubber bands around an old t-shirt on the dye-spattered table in the craft cabin, then opening it up to reveal the swirling pattern? You can enjoy the same look today, minus the mess, with our free-spirited Tie-Dye Caftan.

2.  Swimming in the Lake

As soon as lunch dishes were put away, everyone headed to the lakefront for an afternoon of splashing and diving. A few brave souls did the early-morning dunk too. Why not dive back in with our wide selection of swimsuits that look good and flatter your figure? And if your swimming is in a pool these days, you’ll be glad to know they are chlorine-resistant.

3.  Minnetonka Moccasins

Minnetonka Mocassins

Everyone had to have a pair of these shoes with the beaded thunderbird design. The only question was which one, the natural leather, classic navy, or more stylish white? Believe it or not, Minnetonka moccasins are still made, we still sell them, and they are as comfortable as you remember they were.

4.  Letters Home

Our Vermont Country Store Portable Manual Typewriter

Our Vermont Country Store Portable Electric Typewriter

You waited until a rainy day to write home so as not to waste any good swimming or archery time. There were two ways: write by hand, or use the manual typewriter on a table outside the Camp Director’s office. Its soft, electric purrrrr made every message seem heartfelt and important. It still does.

5.  That Folding Alarm Clock

Only one kid in the cabin had one, but that’s all you needed, unless you were up really late telling ghost stories. Its brisk alarm seemed to say “Rise and shine! Pancakes are being served in the Big Hall!” It’s still the best travel alarm clock made for travelers and campers of any age.

6.  Eating Outside

Oilcoth Tablecloth a Summer Camp Classic

Heavy Duty Oilcoth Tablecloth

Hot dogs and roasted corn, served on long picnic tables with plastic tablecloths. Our oil cloth tablecloths are a bit more refined, because they are real cloth with an easy wipe-clean vinyl finish. But the look is the same, perfect for summer gatherings.

7.  The Camp Store

Brach's Jelly Nougats

Brach’s Jelly Nougats

Open for only a few hours each day, it sold pens, pennants, postcards, and sunscreen. But you were there for the CANDY! Big, chewy fruit slices; sourballs; jelly nougats in little twists of paper; and of course, those potent licorice sticks you can’t seem to find any more. We have them all!

8.  So Many Memories…

Are some of your memories stored on old slides? Well then, dust them off and have a fond look at them with our hand-held slide viewer and take a walk down Memory Lane.

9.  Sharing Your Photos!

Do you have summer camp photos of good times you’d like to share? We’d love to see them! Email us your favorites at and we may post them on our “Summer Camp Memories” Pinterest board. You can also join the fun on Instagram by sharing your favorite summer camp photo using the hashtag #summercampmemories.