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One Tuesday on a warm, sunny morning last spring, a nice couple approached the door to our store in Weston just as we were putting the open sign out for the day. They recognized us from our photo in the catalog, which wasn’t hard since we were wearing our storekeeper aprons, the same ones we wore in our photo. They told us that they had driven straight through from Chattanooga, Tennessee, all the way to Vermont and that The Vermont Country Store was their very first stop.

It turns out that these kind folks have been receiving our catalog for many years and were regular customers, placing orders for themselves and gifts as well. Never having been to Vermont, they had always wanted to experience the store in person and witness the beauty of the Green Mountain State. This was a “bucket list” trip for them, and it was finally the right time to make it happen.

They left a few hours later with bags full of goodies, but the excitement of their adventurous visit hung in the air. One of our storekeepers said, “Isn’t it great? They came all the way from Tennessee to visit us and we got to experience the store through their eyes.”

We still talk about that couple from Tennessee. Their visit reminds us of how fortunate we are to have such loyal customers and how wonderful it is to share our special place with the world. It’s also a life lesson we won’t soon forget: If something is meaningful to you, it’s worth doing, and there is no time like the present to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Gardner, Cabot, Eliot, and Lyman
Proprietors of The Vermont Country Store