A photograph of the flowers at our Rockingham, VT store
Our Rockingham, VT store.

There isn’t anything we look forward to more each summer than seeing fantastic musicals and plays at the historic Weston Playhouse produced by the Weston Theater Company. There’s nothing like the magic of live theater to draw you into stories of people and places far removed from our little mountain town.

Our father, Lyman, fondly recalls growing up next door to the playhouse and seeing the 1952 production of Brigadoon starring long-time resident and Broadway veteran Sam Lloyd. He was captivated by the play and longed to travel to Brigadoon, the fictional village that “lived outside of time,” which sounds quite a bit like Weston itself! 

The Weston Theater Company has been a fixture in our town for over 85 years, bringing actors and actresses from New York City (many from Broadway!) and other theater meccas to perform shows of all kinds—musicals, dramas, new works, and timeless classics. The cast and crew are welcomed to town each spring, many returning year after year, adopting Weston as their summer home.

We’re lucky to have such incredible talent and entertainment just across the village green, but it takes a lot of support to keep it going. Across the country, summer theaters struggle to keep their stage lights on amid continuing economic pressures and patrons with lingering concerns about attending in-person events.

As we would for any of our neighbors, we want to do what we can for our beloved little theater company. We can hardly call pitching in for the Weston Theater Company “helping out” since we don’t work up a sweat and our clothes stay clean. But, we show up as often as possible in the audience because filling seats is their ticket to success, and nothing brings more joy to everyone than to be entertained by friends who are an extension of your family.