Three decorative elves gathered around collectible ceramic Christmas trees and wrapped gifts

As storekeepers, there is nothing we enjoy more than that moment when a customer experiences our store for the first time, especially at Christmas. They pause in the doorway to take it all in—the twinkling lights, the decorated trees, the ribbon-festooned wreaths and garlands hanging from the beams, the scents of spiced cider and balsam, and the sounds of bells and caroling. In a split second, they are transported back in time to holiday gatherings from the past that hold special meaning.

Their faces show the love and tenderness they recall from those times and the wonder and delight as these memories unexpectedly come rushing back. For a moment, their troubles evaporate, and they’re filled with laughter and joy, the warmth of family, and the promise of Christmases to come. It’s utterly magical to witness, and something we take as confirmation that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well within us all.

This Christmas, if you can’t join us in person, we invite you to experience the season through the pages of this catalog. Here, you’ll not only find thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list, but an invitation to welcome the spirit of Christmas into your heart.