Natural Health and Wellness NewsWe Vermonters are a hearty bunch and we value our good health. But we are also notoriously frugal. So when it comes to health, it’s no surprise we turn to simple, tried-and-true remedies. And we believe it’s easier to maintain your health than to recover it once it fails. As fellow New Englander Ben Franklin often said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” One of our most trusted solutions is raw apple cider vinegar. Generations of fans have testified that cider vinegar helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes heart and brain health, aids digestion, clears sinuses, and reduces heartburn and acid reflux. Cider vinegar was first popularized by Dr. D.C. Jarvis, who graduated from the University of Vermont Medical School in 1904.

Dr. Jarvis believed that “the doctor of the future will be a teacher as well as a physician, and his real job will be to teach people how to be healthy.” Unfortunately, we’ve strayed a long way from the philosophy of Mr. Franklin and Dr. Jarvis. Today, visits with a doctor often last just a few hurried minutes and result in prescriptions that mask symptoms rather than treating the underlying cause.

At The Vermont Country Store, we encourage you to try some of these time-tested remedies for long-term health and vitality:

  • If you suffer from arthritis or gout, try our Super Black Cherry Concentrate
  • For indigestion, soothe your stomach with natural, caffeine-free Cola Syrup
  • Soak tired, itchy feet in all-natural, anti-fungal Tea Tree Oil Rejuvenating Soak
  • And my personal favorite: Strength of the Hills. An improved version of the apple cider vinegar that Dr. Jarvis spoke so highly of, this incredible tonic is infused with herbs like ginseng and ginger, turning an old-fashioned folk remedy into a head-to-toe elixir that’s also pleasant to the taste. It’s just one way we’re working hard to help you feel your best for decades to come.


Gardner Orton
for The Orton Family

Gardner Orton

Gardner Orton