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An old proverb declares that Vermont has two seasons: winter and the Fourth of July—so it’s a darn good thing that winter is one of our favorite seasons. Staying healthy and happy, however, can be more of a challenge in winter than at any other time of year. With its short, cold days, the long season can wear us down both physically and emotionally.

So, we turn to another adage: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! And we bundle up and head outdoors to brave the elements. Just breathing the exhilarating air, lifts the spirits. From skiing and snowshoeing to building snow sculptures with our children or taking a brisk walk, we find that exercising is a surefire way to lighten our mood and stay healthy to boot. Indoors, a steaming bowl of soup is an excellent way to warm up. Supplements and tried-and-true remedies help fight off illnesses that come with being closed in during the colder months.

For us, winter is all about embracing the elements rather than running from them, finding ways to keep body and soul content. This is just old-fashioned good sense since winter up here is as stubborn as a pig on ice. We hope that wherever you spend winter, you discover ways to enjoy the season and stay healthy and happy.

Gardner, Cabot, Eliot, and Lyman Orton

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