Lawn Game, set of Croquet Clubs
Set of wooden Croquet Mallets

As Vermonters, we love any chance we get to enjoy the splendor of the great outdoors. Some of our very best memories come from playing games in our backyard. Sometimes we’d play during cookouts, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and other occasions, but mostly we’d play from sun up to sun down. Often there’d be burgers and hotdogs on the grill, and the patio tables would be laden with snacks and sides to enjoy between turns. We’d have grand competitions and tournaments that’d carry on from the first warm days in spring to the last warm days in the fall. We’d challenge neighbors, friends, and family to games like croquet, ring toss, lawn bowling, Bocce ball, and many others.

Sometimes all you need to “have a ball” is to simply own a toy ball and have a few friends to play with. Make your own joyful outdoor memories with our collection of vintage-inspired, easy-to-play lawn games for all ages.

Play Croquet

Challenge your friends to a rousing game of croquet, a game that’s been played since it was created in the 1800s in Europe. Players use mallets to hit the colored balls through curved metal hoops known as wickets and into posts to score points. With all the different pieces, croquet might seem a bit complicated to get the hang of at first, but we assure you it’s quite easy. With our wooden croquet set, which includes a handy portable trolley, mallets and posts crafted of real beechwood, and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be hitting peels and jump shots in no time!

Grass bowling, bowling pins on the lawn
Bowling pins on the lawn

Lawn Bowling

Strike! Lawn Bowling in Summer.

Try your hand at lawn bowling! Also known as Ninepins and Skittles, this game has been played since the Middle Ages in England. Unlike the ones used in the contemporary bowling we enjoy at bowling alleys, this version’s smaller ball and skinnier pins will challenge your skills in new ways. See how many of the beautifully crafted beechwood pins you can knock down at a time while hitting the kingpin for the maximum number of points. If the basic rules aren’t enough of a challenge, there are many other variations of the game you can easily learn to play. Can you bowl a perfect game?

Ring Toss

Ringtoss, Ring Toss Family Lawn Game
Ring-toss for whole family fun

If you’re looking for a game of equal parts skill and luck, look no further than our classic ring toss set. You may have tried this game at a carnival or state fair, but our set is based on the original, with smaller rings and targets for an added challenge. The premise is easy, but it takes just the right throw to sink your ring around the target peg you’re aiming for. Start up close and see how far back you can move while still scoring points.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball has been played since ancient Egyptian times—and it’s no surprise that this game has remained popular through the ages!  It’s easy to play, doesn’t require any setup or complicated parts, and can be played almost anywhere. The premise is simple, try and get your colored balls as close to the small white jack ball as possible—even knocking your opponents’ balls out of the way to do so.

Lawn Game Bocce-Ball
Classic Bocce Ball

Lawn games are a great way to add outdoor fun and friendly competition to your day. So, bring your favorite games to your next backyard barbecue, Fourth of July celebration, birthday party, picnic, wedding reception, company gathering, family reunion, and more. Let the games begin!