A photograph of the sawmill in Weston, VT
Weston, VT Sawmill

More Than a Flavor, Vermont Maple is a Way of Life

As the #1 maple producer in the United States, Vermont’s love affair with maple is more than a flavorful fascination, it’s a way of life – part of our culture and identity that makes Vermonters who we are. There are over a thousand families making maple syrup in Vermont, from backyard sugar shacks producing a few gallons to share with family and friends, to large-scale operations that ship maple products across the country. Sugar makers share a common passion for making the world’s best maple syrup– one that has them working long into the night for the few, short weeks each year when the sap is running. This proud tradition is passed down from generation to generation, ensuring every drop of Vermont’s very essence can be widely enjoyed.

By the Numbers

1 Vermont rank in U.S. Maple Production

5 weeks per year maple trees produce sap

4 grades of maple syrup

40 gallons of sap required to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup

40 years of age before a maple tree can produce sap

150 years a healthy maple tree can produce sap

46% of maple syrup produced in the U.S. comes from Vermont

2.5 million gallons of syrup produced in Vermont in 2022

6.6 million taps used to collect sap