Wooden nickels and the world's best maple creemee

You may have mowed the lawn, you may have played some baseball, you may even have gone swimming. But around here, summer hasn’t started until you’ve had your first creemee. The cool treat with the odd spelling is a regional tradition, rare outside Vermont and almost unheard of outside New England.

It’s similar to “soft-serve” but with more cream, and it’s the northern cousin of frozen custard but without the egg. Around here, we think it’s better than either one on a hot day.

Mildred’s Dairy Bar, right next to our store, serves the best creemees for miles. The cream is fresh and, of course, there’s a healthy dollop of real maple syrup blended in. My dad, brothers, and I often have business meetings over creemees at the dairy bar. Seems the hotter it is outside, the more often we have to meet.

We hope you will come visit us in Vermont sometime soon. And when you do, be sure to stop by our store in Weston or Rockingham for a sweet taste of summer.

Cabot Orton

For the Orton Family, Proprietors of The Vermont Country Store