illustration of a mother helping her son to water spring flowers

What do mothers really want for Mother’s Day? It’s an age-old question, but one that’s not too hard to answer if you’re willing to put in some thought and a little effort.

Most moms will deflect, saying that they don’t need anything and just want to spend the day with their family. While there is probably some truth to that response, these are our top 4 ideas to give the mom in your life a gift that will touch her heart.

When Mother’s Day rolls around, there are endless options to show the moms in your life love. From a simple breakfast in bed, to a spa day, or even just the sweet surprise of a clean house, you can’t go wrong in your efforts to make Mom feel special.

Here are four more sweet things moms really want for Mother’s Day.

Don’t Just Say It, Show Mom You Care

Most moms are caring for their home and family by the time the sun rises.  Her actions show how much she cares every day, and caring is what she longs for in return. Pamper her with something to take care of herself or something to make her feel pretty. For the more practical mother, take care of the yard work, complete a household repair, or wash and vacuum her car. Putting your love into action is a great way to show her you care.  

Show Mom Attention to Make Her Feel Special

Moms are great at making their family feel special with notes, gifts and words of encouragement at just the right time.  Make your mother feel special by giving her your full attention – visit, call, or send her a card in the mail. You can even text, e-mail or even post on social media, just as long as it’s what she would like, not just what’s convenient for you.

Make Mom Feel Valued

Her time is a lifelong investment in you, and she is on the job 24-7. More than anything, she wants to know that you appreciate everything she’s done to help you achieve your goals and follow your dreams. Treat her to a meal at her favorite restaurant or, better yet, show your skills in the kitchen – the ones she taught you. 

Tell Mom You’re OK

When all is said and done, moms want to know that you’re OK. No matter how old you are, be sure to let her know that much. The peace of mind it will give her is immeasurable.