As a kid, I loved seersucker pajamas and wore mine all summer long. On hot, humid Vermont summer evenings we all took baths to cool off, and slipped into the crinkly coolness of our seersucker PJs before bedtime. Somehow, they magically kept the cool in and the heat out, which was quite the feat given the mugginess and stickiness Vermont is known for during the dog days (and nights) of July and August.

As a storekeeper, I’ve learned that the word seersucker originates from the Persian words ‘sheer’ and ‘shakar’ or ‘milk and sugar’, named for the resemblance of seersucker’s alternating smooth and rough texture to the creaminess of milk and the coarseness of granulated sugar.

I’ve also learned that the magic of seersucker is in its weave, which is specially woven to create irregular spacing between the threads, so they bunch up or crinkle. The open part of the weave vents body heat, while the puckers act like little feet, holding the fabric off your body so it never clings. Plus, the natural crinkle means there’s no need to haul out the iron!

Given all the special care that goes into making seersucker, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite in our catalogs, website and stores—for both men and women. We’re happy to offer an ever-growing selection of striped, checked, and patterned men’s seersucker sleepwear and women’s seersucker sleepwear, skirts, dresses, and bedspreads, in this beloved and timeless fabric.

If you think of any home goods, sleepwear, or clothing products you’d like to see in seersucker, be sure to let us know. We’d love to hear from you! Click here to suggest a product.

Cabot Orton

for the Orton Family, Proprietors of The Vermont Country Store